Home Centre launches a meaningful initiative, 'The Homecoming', through a moving short film
Posted on 2022 Dec,29  | By ArabAd's staff

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Here is a love story, a story about a couple falling in love and the ups and downs that come in anyone's journey of falling in love. This story, from Home Centre, is about one such journey - about falling in love and finding a home.

Home Centre, the renowned home furniture retailer in the Middle East, believes that every home has its own unique story to tell. To bring this purpose to life, the brand had launched last year a pioneering and thought provoking initiative -“A Dad’s Job” - recognizing and celebrating Arab single moms.

This year, Home Centre has chosen to again address and provide support to families and homes for an untapped and unspoken topic in the Middle East, via a new initiative bold titled “The Homecoming”.  

The short film titled "Falling in Love" was conceived as part of  this pertinent initiative, as this short film is not a film that's just about that couple falling in love with each other.  It's also about them falling in love with an idea and a concept that is a major cultural and societal taboo in the Middle East region, adoption that is.

It is universally agreed that among the many gifts to man by the Almighty, the greatest, by far, is the gift of a child. However, some couples are denied this unique blessing for various reasons and resort to other ways to fulfill their wish. One such alternative is adoption. However, adoption has traditionally been regarded suspiciously by Middle Eastern societies for several reasons. But for those couples who have managed to stand in the face of tradition, the option to adopt a baby is a blessing.

Hence, no one and no brand has really tackled or endorsed such a sensitive topic in the region. And Home Centre was keen on showing how rewarding of a lifelong experience adoption is for both parents and young people alike. The heartfelt work highlights the mutual impact both adoptive child and parents can have on each other and help people realise adoption could be something for them.

The moving short, which was written and directed by Tahaab Rais, has been promoted on the brand’s social media platforms and in-store, earning positive sentiments and generating considerable positive stories around the topic.



Activating its purpose of giving every home its own unique story to tell, Home Centre becomes the first brand to ever talk about the controversial and divisive topic of adoption or fostering in the Middle East and in the Arab world, shedding light on the need for loving homes and caring families for the many orphans in the region. 

A digital platform launched in November 2022 on World Adoption Day shares knowledge and content around the topic of adoption or fostering from a well-known psychologist and a well-reputed legal advisory. The platform also provides links to organisations one can contact to learn more about adoption or fostering across the region. Famous influencers who have adopted as well as TV shows will be joining in to support the initiative. Additionally, a unique art exhibition will also be telling stories of children who are without a family or a home.

It is worth noting that the English YouTube version generated 8 million views in just five days of active promotion, while it was placed a little earlier. While the Arabic version garnered around 4 million views in the same period. Naturally, this bold initiative has been gaining traction and attracting both positive and negative sentiments owing to its nature.






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