On its 75th Anniversary, The Lebanese Army turns its camouflage uniforms into icons of peace
Posted on 2020 Aug,03  | By ArabAd staff

To celebrate its 75th anniversary and in light of the latest developments occurring in Lebanon, The Lebanese Army introduced “The PeaceCamo”: A new camouflage pattern that portrays messages of peace and unity, inspired by everyday life.

On August 1st, soldiers marched the streets of the capital wearing illustrations of people embracing, kids playing, couples holding hands and generations coming together, taken from real-life moments in which the army has helped the people of Lebanon.

For centuries, soldiers all around the world have worn camouflage to hide from the enemy. During the past few months and due to different circumstances including COVID-19 and the political and economic crisis affecting the country, the Lebanese Army has been responsible for establishing peace between protesters, helping resolve conflicts and protecting both the government and civilians to preserve security and civil peace.

To commemorate its 75th anniversary this year, the Lebanese Army wanted to remind people that it is always up to the most difficult missions, committed to serving, protecting and caring for Lebanon and its great people.

The PeaceCamo has transformed the pattern of war into an icon of peace, while still serving its purpose of camouflaging. Instead of different shades of the same color, the new pattern makes use of actual pictures of daily life scenarios. The fabric is flame retardant, anti-static and the textile strength is the same as in the original army uniforms. The pattern and fabric were brought together by an interdisciplinary team of textile engineers, graphic designers, illustrators, tailors, military logistics and uniform producers.

The PeaceCamo was presented during the Army’s 75th Anniversary celebrations on August 1st, 2020, on the streets of the capital city, Beirut.

The Lebanese Army collaborated with TBWA\RAAD on the campaign, which included the main 75th anniversary film, aired on all national TV stations, showcasing the continuous efforts of the Lebanese Army in maintaining civil peace and protecting Lebanon and its citizens, throughout 75 years, as well as a documentary on the crafting and tailoring of the uniforms and the message that they intend to portray.

“For the first time in history, the camouflage has repurposed its own existence,” said Walid Kanaan, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\RAAD. “We have enjoyed every step of the process while working on the Lebanese Army’s 75th Anniversary campaign, from the creation of the concept and illustrations, all the way through printing, tailoring of the uniforms and filming.

But the culmination of it all was to witness these uniforms come to life, on the soldiers that are defending our own country and protecting our families, friends and compatriots: An extraordinary moment.”




Walid Kanaan, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\RAAD

Bruno Bomediano, Executive Creative Officer, TBWA\RAAD

Simon Raffaghello, Head of Copy, TBWA\RAAD

Hugo Agostinho, Art Director, TBWA\RAAD

Georges Kyrillos, Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD

Alex Pineda, Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD

Jad Chidiac, Art Director, TBWA\RAAD

Rijin Kunnath, Art Director

Xavier Cortez, Illustrator, TBWA\RAAD

Camilo Rojas, Motion Designer, TBWA\RAAD

Rouba Asmar, Head of Production, TBWA\RAAD

Nelly Chahwan, Producer, TBWA\RAAD

Romy Abdelnour, Corporate Communications Director, TBWA\RAAD

Roy Khalil, Film Director, Workbench

Mona Bassil, VO Production

Adriano Miranda, Illustrator

Gustavo Lopes, Composer, Music & Sound Design, Lake Produções