World Vision Lebanon and PIMO target the urgent humanitarian issue of school dropouts in new campaign
Posted on 2022 Mar,02

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This year again, Beirut-based PIMO agency leads the PR and advertising campaign for World Vision Lebanon, targeting the urgent humanitarian issue of school dropouts, which poses a grave danger to the wellbeing of children and their future.

“Take children back to school” campaign highlighted the alarming results of World Vision Lebanon research titled ‘Caregivers’ perceptions on child labor and education’.

These results were shared with the public on social media via infographics created by PIMO, revealing that Lebanon’s economic collapse was leaving parents with hard choices, sometimes being forced to remove their children from schools or sending them to work.

Worse still, in addition to 75% of caregivers being unable to pay school fees and expenses, 37% did not see the negative implications of child labor, while 44% assumed that involving children in a paid job would enhance their skills.



To drive the message straight to the hearts of viewers, PIMO developed an emotionally resonant video, which featured kids using school terminology but unnervingly adapted to the world of labor, highlighting the urgent need for support from the international community and Lebanese government to prevent school dropouts and secure each child their right to education.  



Ricardo Karam, the well-known TV host, writer, motivational speaker and advocate of social causes supported the campaign from its inception by sharing the infographics and video on his social media and by driving the online discussion about this alarming issue.

The social media campaign, led by PIMO’s digital arm, MyNetworking Agency, targeted many influencers and opinion leaders who, in addition to sharing the video on their platforms, took part in the social media activation by inviting participants to hold up and share the hashtag “Take children back to school”.

Ricardo Karam initiated the challenge and asked participants to invite three friends to join in sharing the hashtag before each inviting three others themselves. This grew into a movement of incredible support from hundreds of public figures in a matter of days. Karam also interviewed World Vision Lebanon’s Advocacy and Policy Coordinate, Mona Daoud, live on Instagram. An additional appearance by Daoud on Al Jadeed TV’s morning show saw the host, Milad Hadchiti participating in the sharing of the “Take children back to school” message live on TV.

The campaign supported World Vision Lebanon’s call for urgent action to prevent a growing humanitarian and child protection crisis through a rapid and sustained child-focused multi-sectoral response to the issue of school dropouts.

With its message “Take children back to school” reaching far and wide through the participation of influential figures, World Vision Lebanon and PIMO succeeded in making sure this issue remains in the spotlight, where it belongs.





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