A warning sign by De’Longhi
Posted on 2017 Sep,19  | By ArabAd staff

De’Longhi’s new campaign raises awareness about the dangers of excess humidity, presenting an underlying need for dehumidifiers.

The communication process sheds light on problems that arise in places with high levels of humidity. People often regard mold as an aesthetical problem, rather than a health hazard. Some feel that the problem disappears when concealed with a splash of paint. Hence, the brand’s objective was to familiarise customers with negative health effects caused by mold and present the De’Longhi Dehumidifier as a key solution to the source of such problems.

To alert customers of the invisible threat, TheCreative9 team chose icons, signs and images that reckon “danger.” The campaign artistically forewarns customers of a devious menace. The choice of words such as “attack,” “strike” and “sneak in” is meant to strike a chord, highlighting the severity of the problem.

Since its introduction to Lebanese markets, De’Longhi has established itself as a pioneer in the Air Treatment sector. Fall season recognises high levels of humidity, which is why the brand wished to remind people of the need for dehumidifiers.


Agency: TheCreative9

Managing Director: Nabil Sargi

Creative Director: Rola Ghotmeh

Art Director: Youmna Sargi / Rola Ghotmeh

Copywriter: Freeda Chehab

Graphic Designer/ Animator: Elsa Antoun

Account handler: Karim Saeed / Mia Moussa 

Client: LINEA D

Brand: De'Longhi Lebanon

Product: De'Longhi Dehumidifier