Ad Review - the Good, the Bad and the Very Bad
Posted on 2016 Oct,13  | By ArabAd staff

Month after month, ads sneak in - some on billboards others on social platforms, some on bridges and some get inboxed. They came, we saw, and sometimes we were not conquered at all. But here they are, some of the selections that impressed us (or did not) this month.

Back to School - No Crafts
It has been a very lackluster season for the "back to school" ads, some were recycled from previous years, some were too hard sell - the photo of a bag, a pen holder, and a bottle of water combo would adorn bridges and not much else. But all in all, no one bothered to inject creativity in this year's crop.
Seen on the road.



Douze - the Rules of Billboard
It came and went like a summer rain, almost in a flash, but while it was there it flooded the market with photos. Douze (French for 12, yet with the D written with a combination of 1 and 2 - a subtle hint if there was any). Many executions were plastered all over. From movie references "You talkin' to me" (De Niro in Taxi Driver) to practical tips (seven words or less) or even sexual innuendos (No foreplay, be brief). When it comes to making its mark on a potential target audience, this was a masterclass on to itself.
Seen on the road. 


H&M - Blend it like Beckham
And who else but fast fashion giant to give us style tips from former football and current style giant David Beckham. If we can't bend it like Beckham, at least we can wear what he pre-selected for us for the season. The campaign, titled 'Modern Essentials' selected by David beckham', whereas straightforward, plays on the strength of the main ambassador and showcases the collection through a hilarious road trip in natural settings (tattoos and vintage motorcycles sold separately - and elsewhere). But in the "made you look" lexicon this one strikes (sorry for the pun) gold.
Seen on Twitter as a promoted tweet, and on @HMLebanon Twitter account


IRC - Of Lack of Closures
There are an estimated 17 thousand people whose whereabouts are unknown after the Lebanese war ended - the figure is not even accurate. Impact BBDO, for The IRC's International Day of the Disappeared tried to showcase one example of the mother of one of those people. She waits with no closure in sight much like any many other families who have no answers, no recourse and no ending for their plight in sight. The video in question directed by Samir Syriani reflects those feelings of emptiness and much more - or much less depends on how you look at it.
Seen on Samir Syriani's Vimeo channel

Almaza and Kunhadi - Back on the Saddle

Add a beer brand to an NGO, which advocates road safety, and you get a magic formula, what scares me is that if this combination was so successful how come it has to be repeated every year? Were the message recipients too drunk the first time around? Still, the effort is laudable and respectable even if the message is repeating itself, After all any avoided death makes the effort worthwhile.
Seen on Almaza and Kunhadi's page on Facebook

Infiniti - Luke Skywalker Who?
So Patrick the light painter created a full ad for Infiniti QX30 - all black and white with a very small showing of red. Let there be light, and light is everywhere. Sure the ad is a work of technical prouesse from Patrick - even if a tad repetitive after a while - but then it beats toying around with a lightsaber and fighting it off with your father. In all fairness the ad works to showcase the car, its details, angles, in a bit less than conventional way. People who are impressed by their visual tricks will love it - they are mostly the same people who flock to Cirque Du Soleil for the same gimmicks. 
Seen on Instagram's sponsored ads and on Patrick the light painter instagram account