Celebrating Refreshing Acts of Originality
Posted on 2015 Aug,03

A new regional TV commercial has been launched by 7Up to celebrate? the originality from the eyes of those who view the world from their own perspective, turning ordinary situations into extraordinary happenings. This latest TVC dubbed ‘Perspective’ is a film that invites viewers to shift their daily perspective to celebrate the endless possibilities arising when their visions merge with true originality.

This refreshing production aims to focus on real acts of originality, novel perspectives that push boundaries and end up transforming the usual into the unusual.

7UP’s TVC ‘Perspective’ celebrates genuine people, the 'true originals' across the MENA region, people who had their share of inspirations, which they dared approach from a novel and bald perspective to transform fresh ideas into new realities. The True Originals include ‘Shaduf ’, a team of innovators who transform Cairo’s rooftops and dull urban landscapes 
into lively lush gardens. The TVC also pays tribute to a group of Egyptian artists through an initiative titled
 ‘Dish Painting’, which shows them how determined they are to turn chaotic satellite dish rooftops into landscapes of art. In addition to the Saudi group, Jeddah Old City Renovation and LWAINHA Egypt group of young visionary urban artists are also celebrated for they transform old urban spaces into disruptive works of art across their cities.



‘Perspective’ is an extension of 7UP’s integrated brand re-launch and new positioning of 2015 ‘Feels Good
 To Be You.’ This new positioning and mantra introduced by Impact BBDO builds on the brand’s role in promoting and empowering acts of originality around the region, and is an invitation to be true to yourself, the most genuine self in order to envision a new perspective on life and express your originality to impact your world with a positive beat.

“The sustained build-up from the launch of 'Feels Good To Be You' campaign at the beginning of this year to the brand’s latest ‘Perspective’ TVC launch, is a genuine invitation to refresh not only our perspective as a brand, but also others,
to encourage authenticity, originality
and embrace this unmistakable witty uniqueness. And through the production
of the TVC, we are gratified to celebrate and empower the existence of such unique originality in our region. A simple idea, a fresh vision just like these innovators had can go a long way, and spread a positive beat,” said Hossam Dabbous, VP, Beverages Category, PepsiCo, Middle East and Africa.