Child Abuse #MakeItStop
Posted on 2017 Apr,12  | By ArabAd staff

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has launched its eighth annual campaign titled "Protect My Childhood, It’s Precious" campaign – the first since the UAE Child Protection Law took effect in June 2016.

This year’s campaign addresses the new law, often referred to as Wadeema’s Law after the eight-year-old Emirati girl who was tortured to death by her father and his girlfriend, said Fatma Al Falasi, a community awareness executive at the foundation.

The Child Protection Law, which covers physical and sexual abuse, habitual maltreatment, neglect, and exploitation by groups that teach fanaticism or hatred, or urge children to commit violence, is the backbone of the foundation’s initiative.

Held in conjunction with the International Month for Child Abuse Prevention, the campaign addresses the five main kinds of abuse — physical, verbal, neglect, health and sexual. It includes posters plastered at Enoc petrol stations, malls and cinemas, with the hashtag #MakeItStop on social media portals.

Moreover, the foundation released videos in Arabic and English to educate parents about what constitutes abuse of their children.

The campaign also aims to reflect the UAE’s image as a safe haven for children, as efforts to stem child abuse in Dubai are producing results, however, the number of child abuse cases continue to fluctuate each year. DFWAC provides free services to women and children victims of violence, including a helpline, safe shelter, case management, medical care, psychological support, counselling, legal, consular and immigration assistance.​