Du’s Invitation to Disconnect
Posted on 2016 Jun,12  | By ArabAd staff

The mere thought of not being connected has become a haunting reality most of us cannot even image anymore. Putting that theory to the test, du’s #digitalfasting created the initiative to cement existing human bonds through an exceptional fasting experience during the Holy month of Ramadan. The first candidate who signed-up for that task was Omar Bin Haider who went completely offline between Suhoor and Iftar throughout the entire month. The initiative was designed to afford the individuals who joined the campaign, time to reflect and realign their personal values while focusing on the true meaning of life.

Using basic tools such as an analogue camera and a paper map to document and navigate his way through the month, he proved that doing so is achievable. His day-to-day routines were shared on du’s numerous social media portals in addition to du.ae/Ramadan.

 Users who chose to go offline for an hour, a day or an entire month used the hashtag #digitalfasting to share their experiences on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With this campaign, du certainly managed to get in on the heart of the action by making full-use of the occasion to gain meaningful brand exposure and plenty of free publicity.