FP7/Dubai Uncovers the unseen potential in Al Tayer Motors’ spare car parts through art
Posted on 2018 Nov,19  | By ArabAd staff

Al Tayer Motors is an established dealership and servicing specialist in the UAE, operating since 1982. While it is known for its car brands, and is a known dealership, its brand and corporate image hasn’t been top-of-the-charts. With "Unseen Potential", Al Tayer Motors, in the UAE, through its agency FP7/Dubai, has owned recycling of automotive spare parts in a distinctive and meaningful manner, and stood out.

The dealership and the agency created a sustainable platform converting wasted spare parts from cars into beautiful art pieces, using the talents of the dealership’s blue-collar and factory workers.

In recognizing the unseen potential of spare parts and avoiding throwing away their second life, this platform has also helped recognize the unseen potential of Al Tayer Motors’ workers, giving them a new life. 

316 blue-collar factory workers divided across 86 teams worked for six hours per week, in their spare time, over the course of two months to create masterpieces of recycled art.

The entire journey was documented through “making of” videos that were circulated to Al Tayer Motors’ customers as video invites to exhibitions.

Exhibitions across Al Tayer Motors showrooms across Dubai and Abu Dhabi promoted and sold the art pieces to affluent car buyers, through silent auctions. Prominent media, influential personalities, and affluent individuals were invited to these exhibitions.

The art pieces of recycled craft were on display with stories about them written on elegantly designed panels.

The creators of these pieces were also present at the exhibition and the pieces were also featured on a microsite for online bids with all the earnings from the exhibitions given to the workers who created the art.

The work stayed in the limelight for a while with 'How-to Videos' showcasing the unseen potential of the workers as well as of the spare parts, with the workers explaining their process to make their beautiful art happen. Also, the workers gave lectures in classrooms across leading UAE universities to design and creativity students.

The workers also inspired inmates, through talks and workshops aimed at channeling their unseen potential.

Culturally, the UAE has become very environment friendly and focused on recycling with several initiatives encouraging people to "Go Green" and be "Eco Friendly". In such context,  the timing of the campaign was spot on for Al Tayer Motors to marry 'metal' with 'nature'.





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