Heist in the Tropics, the new film by Schweppes and BETC
Posted on 2019 May,17

It all starts like a classic heist film. The robbers are on alert, ready to make their move…They’re trying to steal the loot, in any way possible … But we’re not in the ultra-protected HQ of a Swiss bank, or in a Las Vegas casino: we’re in a beach bar in the tropics. The coveted treasure is a citrus flavor Schweppes Agrumes and the fruit that comes with it and the robbers are… 3 cheeky, yet adorable monkeys.

And that’s how Schweppes introduces the irresistible new Schweppes Agrumes, with no artificial colors or flavors. Because in the heat of the summer, everyone is looking for freshness, even these 3 adorable thieves. The four citrus fruits (lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon) that compose the drink are more irresistible than ever and the monkeys will work together and do anything to get their furry little paws on them. And the bartender knows this. He’s used to having them around. He knows that the moment he opens that bottle, the show is on.

The film blends the codes of classic heist and animation films to create a hilarious, friendly battle between the barman and the monkeys.

The film was directed by Thierry Poiraud who’s experienced working with animals and making action films with a humorous twist. The adorable monkeys are the Brad Pitts and Leo DiCaprios of the monkey world, having shot several Hollywood films in the past. The film was shot in Thailand where the monkeys are originally from. Like many super stars, our adorable monkeys only shoot at home.

This colorful and exotic film created by BETC Paris and produced by production company Insurrection lives up to the unexpected twists of the Schweppes saga.

The film started airing on TV and online from May 12 and was accompanied by an outdoor campaign.