Kellog's and Electric Lime Films launches three quirky films for Ramadan
Posted on 2019 May,30

In a second collaboration with Electric Lime Films, Kellogg’s latest Ramadan campaign is a series of three comedic films featuring Madam Stomach expressing her turmoil and desires in the intestine world. Sometimes she wishes that a savior would come to rescue her, a superhero kind or maybe a team of superheroes.

With a humor based cinematography, director Nizar Sfeir, really captured the audience through a symbolic art setting to represent the inside of the stomach as well as a quirky cast.
The films’ structure starts with an establishing scene where Madam Stomach opens up about her discomfort, which then takes us to the midst of the action with hilarious characters such as body organs, food ingredients, and the enchanting Fibers appearing in an epic slow motion shot.
With an overall static style, the films display a sense of symmetry where the subject is always centered.
The satirical and symbolic mood is amplified by the red-salmony colors and lights that conceptually tint the films, portraying the inside of the organs.
Captured in one full day, the shoot took place in a residential villa, where the sets were dressed in a realistic yet minimal look, keeping the main focus on the characters.
The campaign was filmed on an Arri Alexa Mini paired with a set of Master Prime lenses for a vibrant look.


Director: Nizar Sfeir
DOP: Daniel Tudano
Client: Kellogg’s
Agency Creative: Ahmad Kammoun
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Senior Producer: Chaza Said
Assistant Director: David Murphy
Production Managers: Alia Abouraya, Rine-Dala Nahas
Equipment Rental: Gamma Engineering
1st AC: Tony Ibrahim
2nd AC/ VTO: Charlie Shanchez
Sound Recordist: Simon Charles
Gaffer: Karsten Loffler
Key Grip: Dragan Stefavonic
Grip Assistant: Jeffrey Muli, Ronel Yumel
Sparks: Sajid Anwar, Dineshan Kadannappali, Abd El Fattah,
Muhammad Fiaz
Art Director: Bora Batur
Wardrobe: Stuart Robertson
Hair & Makeup Artist: Kat Allen, Lidia Trzos
Editor: Damiano Fieramosca, Alia Abouraya
Assistant Editor: Mays Hariri
DIT: Damiano Fieramosca
Colorgrading: ELº Films
Kit: Arri Alexa Mini + Master Prime Lenses.
Talents: Jamilah Morar, Ayman Alsamman, Abdulmajid Al Sadi, Fady El Bagouri, Abeer Al Sheik, Grace Soliba, Afaf Bibi
Filmed in Dubai, UAE.