Make a Change Addresses Cyberbullying
Posted on 2017 Sep,05  | By ArabAd staff

Online harassment has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers and It seems that 20% of those who are bullied online are considering suicide. As this issue is becoming critical, the need for greater awareness is imperative.

DDB Stockholm has recently launched a print campaign for Swedish charity organisation Make a Change to tackle cyberbullying.

'Ugly Slut' and 'Kill Yourself' are spelled out through app icons in order to confront Swedish parents, who aren't necessarily digitally savvy themselves, with the kinds of words their children can be faced with online.  

Dennis Phang, Art Director at DDB Stockholm, says in a statement: "The purpose of the campaign is to increase knowledge of cyberbullying, give parents the tools they need to communicate with their children about the web as well as to engage more people to take action against cyberbullying."