The Story and Life of Farah, One Tap at a Time
Posted on 2017 Feb,11  | By ArabAd staff

The Dubai Foundation for Women & Children (DFWAC) is on a mission to trigger awareness among men of what they think could be a light tap yet can escalate into something far more damaging.

In order to realise the effects of such demeaning behaviours, FP7/DXB and Plan B, the agencies in charge of the campaign, opted to narrate the story and life of Farah by using Instagram stories’ tap feature as a tool against domestic abuse.

Men are being invited to visit her profile on Instagram (@lifeof_farah) and tap on the Play button to experience the damage domestic violence can cause and how it can deface the victim. A snippet of Farah’s bruised face appears to be more significant at every tap. The whole idea behind DFWAC using Instagram Stories was to emphasise the fact that no tap is a light tap.

The story closes with a directive on what to do next to help get the message rolling. Visitors are asked to share Farah’s story along with #lifeoffarah and #dfwac hashtags, which contributed to move the campaign from Instagram to other social networks.

Within few hours of it going live, the story of Farah was already doing its round across the social sphere.

Leading Arab female influencers and human rights activists such as the host of 'Project Runway Middle East', Jessica Kahawaty, have also endorsed the message and the story, which is continuing to grow organically and at a fast rate.



Client: Dubai Foundation for Women & Children

Agencies: FP7/McCann Dubai & Plan b 

Art Director: Yasmina Boustani

Art Director: Georges El Ten

Regional Head of Strategic Planning: Tahaab Rais

Account Director: Vicky Kriplani

Executive Creative Director: Paul Banham

Senior Creative Director: Oliver Robinson

Design Director: Erol Salcinovic

Plan b: Harmeek Singh, Naveed Pirzada, Sophie Page