The ‘Thank You Russia’ Campaign Takes Lebanon by Surprise
Posted on 2019 May,28

In a world where politics dictate almost everything we know, TBWARaad Beirut decided to play on that chord and benefit from this situation.

On March 27th, after President Michel Aoun came back from his brief visit to Moscow where he met with president Putin, billboards with the Arabic headline- ‘Thank you Russia’  شكراً روسيا flooded the streets of Lebanon. These billboards mirrored the ‘Shukran Qatar’ شكراً قطر – Thank you Qatar-- that rolled on Outdoor media few years back, and which outraged the public at that time.

Everyone from politicians and public figures, to journalists, advertisers and bloggers had something to say on the matter.

And in the midst of all the controversy, the public was in awe when they discovered that the entire campaign was a brilliant teaser for the LADA brand, where the Lebanese thanked Russia for the powerful gem that is the LADA car.

Soon after, TBWARaad rolled out online videos where an entire family and a class of Grade 2 students are seen thanking Russia for understanding the Lebanese and their daily commute suffering so much, that they created the LADA car for them. The video ends with the family and students sending local Lebanese products to the LADA dealership company in Russia as a token of their appreciation, urging all the Lebanese to do the same.


Agency: TBWARAAD - Beirut

CCO: Walid Kanaan

Creative Director: Georges Kyrillos

Art Director: Jad Chidiac, Farah El Kady

Content Creator: Sandy Bou Assi

Production House: Clandestino Films Beirut

Director: Amin Dora