Wearing It With Pride
Posted on 2016 Aug,29  | By ArabAd staff

In celebration of the 2nd Emirati Women’s Day on the 28th of August, Tathqeef, a training and continuing education medical center commissioned Grey UAE to create a campaign that focuses on the veil. The work received plenty of coverage and was viewed by some as a direct response to the current hype surrounding the controversial decision of some French towns to ban the burkini.

To shed light on the matter and perhaps even express a stance, eight women in senior managerial positions were elected to speak their minds by expressing what the veil they wear means to them.

 Aside from posting their responses in videos, Artist Maher Abu Al Hassan used the definitions these women gave and transformed them into one-of-a-kind series of posters written in Arabic calligraphy that mimic the shape of their veil.

 The campaign, veilsofpride.com, also features an interactive veil poster generator, which transforms any given words written by visitors to the site, into calligraphy. Yet what is most striking is the principal message behind the campaign itself. The thoughts and ideas expressed by all eight women constitutes a power statement that calls for all people to look past the veil by focusing on achievement rather than form.

 After all, when it comes to true meaning, what one does rather than how one looks is what makes all the difference and this campaign surely has managed to do just that.   


Project: Veils of Pride | Client: Tathqeef | Creative Agency: Grey Dubai | Chief Creative Officer: Mike Shackle | Executive Creative Director: Vidya Manmohan  | Associate creative director: Omaima Saad | Copywriter: Athina Lalljee | Art Director: Khaled Ibrahim | Regional Account Director: Dzila Dik | Strategic Planner: Ayla Demoraes | Artist: Maher A. Housn | Digital Agency: Hug