Daft Punk soundtracks campaign by Anomaly for luggage brand RIMOWA - turning engineering into art
Posted on 2022 Sep,26

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The latest global campaign for LVMH’s cult luxury brand RIMOWA is a tribute to the company’s commitment to engineering and its German roots.

Since its establishment in Cologne in 1898, luxury luggage brand RIMOWA has moved discerning travellers forward through the resilience, lightness and stability of its mobility tools.

For its latest campaign created by Anomaly's Berlin office, the brand is celebrating what truly enables lifelong journeys everywhere: its German engineering.

The 360 campaign, titled “Ingenieurskunst” - a word that only exists in German, which literally translates into “The Art of Engineering” - highlights the poetry in the brand’s finely-tuned engineering processes. It’s led by a sleek, futuristic film that features hand-built sets that echo the meticulous craftsmanship behind every RIMOWA piece.

In an ode to RIMOWA’s signature aluminium, the campaign features kinetic installations that showcase German engineering like the world has never seen it before: as art.

Made from 6000 rivets, 180 sheets of anodized aluminium, and shells of the Classic Cabin suitcase, the installations pay homage to the craftsmanship of the iconic luggage: from the harmony of the raw, chrome, and matte materials used to create the products, to the symphonic relationship between heavy machinery and the delicate handcrafting that has been mastered by RIMOWA engineers.

“The topic of German engineering might be considered dry or technical,” says Emelie De Vitis, Chief Marketing Officer at RIMOWA. “But as our head engineer describes, ‘it is more like a symphony’. We wanted to show that German engineering – which is at the core of who we are - is truly considered art at RIMOWA.”

The sets in the film are also being redeployed as art installations during a series of events around the globe - a reflection of RIMOWA’s commitment to durability and sustainability. An immersive AR experience will also be incorporated as part of the campaign, inviting audiences to interact with the engineering steps of the Classic Cabin suitcase.

The campaign is directed and photographed by production company Iconoclast’s Maik Schuster of the Berlin director’s collective I AM HERE.

To create the art installations, Anomaly and Schuster collaborated with Acte, a cross-disciplinary art and design studio also based in Berlin. Daft Punk’s electro classic ‘Around the World’ forms a sublime undercurrent to the subtly futuristic imagery, which is juxtaposed with the brand’s timeless design aesthetic and rich heritage. It's the first time this song has been used in an ad.

In a nod to RIMOWA’s German heritage, the song is transformed into an orchestral cover by the Cologne-based Gürzenich-Orchester for the reveal of “The Hochzeit”, meaning ‘wedding’ in English – what the engineers call the moment when two RIMOWA aluminium shells are joined for the first time.

“The true star of this campaign is the engineering of the iconic Classic Cabin. We wanted to subvert this notion that something more product focused has to be technical or cold. This was about putting the functional excellence of RIMOWA on the artistic and cultural pedestal it truly deserves,” says Sebastian Lyman, Group Creative Director at Anomaly Berlin.







CEO: Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert

CMO: Emelie De Vitis

Head of Marketing: Tania Delamotte

Global Marketing Coordinator: Balkis Abd Rabbo

Creative and Content Manager: Lorenzo Garizio

Head of Global Communications: Samantha Garrett

Senior Digital and Media Marketing Manager: Kristen Hansen

Digital Marketing and Media Manager: Julia Serafin



CEO / Partner: Simon Owen

Executive Creative Director: Azsa West

Group Creative Director: Sebastian Lyman

Creative Director: Justin Fly

Senior Art Director: Marc Garreta

Copywriter: Omar Khairy

Creative Director: Lukas Rohde

Head of Production: Michael Macmillan

Senior Producer: Michelle Prinsloo

Producer: Eric Kim

Senior Account Director: Elizabeth Asselin

Senior Account Manager: Sonja Draskovic

Project Director: Stephanie Kolb

Project Manager: Lucy Shaw

Junior Project Manager: Vilma Lingslunde

Group Strategy Director: Anneliese Rapp

Communications Strategy Director: Matt Bunting

BTS Motion graphic: Niclas Moos



Director / Photographer: I AM HERE / Maik Schuster

Director of Photography: Maximilian Pittner

BTS Photographer / Videographer: Arthur Couvat

Executive Producer: Swantje Rummel

Producer: Beate Ehlert

Producer Stills and BTS: Veronika Fürthauer

Post-Producer: Leonidas Befeldt

Production Coordinator: Paulina Deutmeyer

Installation / Sculptural Conception: ACTE TM @ Sascha Huth, Antonia Herting, Jakob Krause, I AM HERE / Maik Schuster

VFX Supervisor: Jorge Montiel Meurer

Editor: Carlos Font Clos



Service Producer - Andrej Caruso

Line Producer - Anja Opasic



Art Direction: Sascha Huth

Art Direction: Jakob Krause

Art Direction: Antonia Hertig




Creative Director: Dave Hempstead

Head of Production: Imogen Pai

Senior Producer: Dave Moore

Producer: Sacha Aurik

Shoot Supervisor: Jorge Montiel

2D Lead Artist: Tom Freeman

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Finish Artist: Jeanette Eiternes



Color: The Mill

Colourist: Kristopher Smale

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Editors: Ben Harvie and Dalma Pinter

One Hundred Berlin

Stills post production


Kraatz studio

CEO + Sound Engineer: Stefan Kraatz

Senior Producer: Maurice Kämer