Dividing slogans at the heart of new campaign by TBWA\RAAD for the Lebanese Army designed to unify the nation
Posted on 2022 Jun,22  | By ArabAd's staff

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The Lebanese Army is at the center of the security situation in Lebanon today. In the past few years, The Lebanese Army has played a very critical role in Lebanon. Soldiers were placed in the middle of an internal conflict, standing amongst a divided population to reinstate peace and security. 

The latest parliamentary elections caused even greater internal instability, as different political parties began to collide and project hatred towards one another, fighting a battle of words and slogans. 

In its continued effort to unite people and protect their peace, the Lebanese Army in partnership with TBWA\Raad Lebanon came up with a smart idea that would bring their mission to light again.

The new campaign combines cut outs of dividing words and slogans, a collage-like taken from the outdoor billboards of different political campaigns displayed on the streets of Lebanon ahead of the recent parliamentary elections. 

Those dividing slogans were recycled into unifying messages, inviting the Lebanese to put their differences aside and rally around their army to build a strong and unified nation.