French egg brand Poulehouse wants President Emmanuel Macron to pardon a chicken
Posted on 2021 Nov,23  | By ArabAd's staff

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Following in the footsteps of their American friends and President Biden's recent pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys, Peanut Butter and Jelly, French agency, Brand Station, had an idea. Why not ask the président to do the same, to pardon some chickens? 

Today the brand is reaching out to Macron to encourage him to start #TheFrenchThanksgiving and pardon a chicken (or as many as he'd like) - any one of the 50 million killed at 18 months each year in France when their egg production decreases. 

Indeed, every year 50 million chickens are killed at the age of 18 months simply because their egg production decreases, when they can in fact live up to 6 years and more on average.  

Poulehouse is the only egg brand, which doesn’t kill chickens and is committed to feeding them, raising them, and looking after them until their natural death. The French egg brand is available in more than 3000 shops in France, among which Carrefour, Intermarché & Monoprix. 

Each year, during Thanksgiving, it is tradition for the US president to pardon a turkey. Based on the premise that if Joe Biden can pardon a turkey, why not Emmanuel Macron? And since 50 million chickens are killed each year in France, at the age of 18 months, simply because their egg production decreases, wouldn’t it be more important to pardon one of them? 

The French Thanksgiving 

With the support of the creative force of Paris-based agency Brand Station, Poulehouse has decided to launch a viral and political campaign in which the egg brand is going to ask Emmanuel Macron to follow in the footsteps of his American counterpart and pardon a chicken for Thanksgiving.

The social media campaign is starting today, and will target @EmmanuelMacron and his political team with a manifesto released on all social networks, tagging Joe Biden in the process.  

The copy-based ad holds the following tagline: “Mr. Macron,  If Joe Biden can pardon a turkey, surely you can pardon a chicken.”

The campaign will also encourage people to adopt a chicken. After all, it is a good deed of #thanksgiving to support Poulehouse, save beautiful hens and help build a more sustainable egg production system.