PIMO ended 2020 positively with hope
Posted on 2021 Jan,12  | By ArabAd's staff

While 2020 was drawing to a close, PIMO made sure the year ends on a positive note with the airing of a special commercial created for MTV Lebanon.

Alluding to the epic challenges of 2020, the emotional and engaging video acknowledged that events in Lebanon this year had made the Lebanese lose their lust for life, but reminded everyone that it is our human connections that will rekindle our spirit, and that it is the small things in life that truly spark joy, because in Lebanon our smile is our never-ending story

As a deeply rooted Lebanese agency, PIMO understands the challenging times through which Lebanon is passing and was aware of the strong need for hope and optimism to carry us into 2021.

PIMO saw MTV Lebanon as the perfect TV channel to carry this message of hope because it represents Lebanese youth and their love of life. In addition to its TV airing, the ad was launched on social media and became a viral hit. Among its supporters who shared the ad, with a huge interaction from his followers, was Jordanian pianist and composer Zade Dirani, who was thrilled to have his music featured in an ad designed to bring hope to Lebanon, a land that he loves.

This is the second occasion on which PIMO has collaborated with MTV, following in the footsteps of the Lebanese industry awareness campaign launched in 2020.

The hope is that this collaboration will continue, says the creative team at PIMO, "with the aim of powering messages to reach more minds and hearts," always under the “Age of Real” approach that  the agency is known for and which focuses on authentic messaging and the perfect timing to ensure optimal reach and impact.