The 'Museum of Independence' Campaign by TBWA\RAAD Pays Tribute to The Lebanese Army on Independence Day
Posted on 2020 Dec,03

Every year on the 22nd of November, Lebanon celebrates its Independence Day. However, this year, the day had a different taste, with a different and new meaning- It marked the start of the independence because for many Lebanese and for the army in particular, independence is a constant mission, one that heroic soldiers fight for with their flesh and blood every day and with every battle.

To honor Lebanese soldiers, a military parade takes place each year but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic hardships Lebanon is going through, celebrations were cancelled.

Therefore, in the midst of these crises, the Lebanese Army decided to celebrate Lebanon’s 77th Independence Day differently, by shedding light on all the sacrifices that this institution has made over the decades.
Because martyrdom is only witnessed through news and images, its true value often fades with the abundance of events in our country.
Building on that insight, TBWA\Raad Lebanon went on to conceptualize and create a a series of ads paying tribute to the Lebanese soldiers on this special day.

The campaign titled "Museum of Independence" takes us back to the battlefield, collecting the remnants of battles, military equipment and uniforms of soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect Lebanon and its independence.
From the Museum of Independence, torn uniforms of soldiers displayed behind the glass can nearly speak-up to say: "True independence is the protection of independence."

TBWA\RAAD agency has been behind the Lebanese army ads for some time now. But this conceptual campaign is an absolute breakthrough with everything done so far to promote the institution.
However, we’re not certain this creative and minimalist approach is within the grasp of everyone