Gerety Awards' 2020 Winners Revealed
Posted on 2020 Oct,19

Judged by an all-female jury, the winners of the second edition of the Gerety Awards have been revealed.

The Grand Prix has been awarded to Burger King's 'Moldy Whopper' campaign.

“Loved the Moldy Whopper campaign. I was shocked when I first started seeing it on my feed and it took me a few days before I could click it to find out what it was about. The visual is so striking it’s hard to unsee it once you see it. And therefore, it makes this piece so striking and strong for Burger King to buy off on a campaign that makes their signature burger go bad, that’s a risk. I can’t imagine trying to sell this in that presentation room. But to have them deliver this artful but disgusting campaign, what a success. I think being in this industry, we sometimes forget that we need to take risks, and this campaign clearly did that," said Jax Jung, Global Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide, South Korea.

Gold winners include Project Understood, Crocodile inside, SIGNS, The Soap with a Lump, The Punishing Signal, Eva.Stories, Last Straw, A Hard Pill To Swallow, 40,000 Strong, Swipe Night and Generation Lockdown.

There are 22 countries featured on the winners list, including Japan, Iran, Peru, Australia, Canada, Germany and the USA. American agencies lead with a total of 22 winning works followed by India with 11 and the UK with 5.

"All of the winning campaigns, including those works that are shortlisted, deserve the utmost praise" says Gerety's Co-Founder Lucia Ongay. “Entries at the Gerety awards have gone through the greatest of scrutiny. From across 6 continents in 32 countries, a total of 185 of some of the world's most esteemed agency and brand leaders came together to find the best in advertising. In doing so. Gerety winners have set THE standard for the best in advertising in 2020 and beyond.”

Ongay adds: “When defining the best in advertising through the female lens we have a responsibility to celebrate only the very best. Advertisers who want to know how to target the world’s most powerful consumers need to look no further than the Gerety winners list”.

“The works I've seen in the Gerety Awards jury, have all been top notch and high quality. I especially loved the works from Thailand, some of them I watched over and over again. 10 sec. Drama, Don’t Die till that Day, Moldy Whoopper, Ça va!, Stop Traffic, Time Will Tell, The Soap with a Lump are some of the ones that blew my mind with envy!" noted Pemra Atac, Executive Creative Director, Rabarba, Turkey. "The jury members stood up for good ideas till the end. [...] If we are to apply Frances Gerety’s unforgettable motto here, ‘A good idea is forever’,” Atac concluded.

“This has been an amazing experience. The entries are very different to the normal set that seem to do “the rounds” so it’s been really refreshing. I’ve even learnt a bit along the way about different challenges that different cultures face”, commented Lisa Campana, Head of Design, Wunderman Thompson, UK.

View all the winners here.