Alok Gadkar: ‘Winning a Grand Prix is really difficult’
Posted on 2019 Apr,14

Dubai Lynx 2019 edition, drew a multitude of reactions that included praise and criticism, but also accusations that the entire event was lackluster. This is what Alok Gadkar, General Manager & Executive Creative Director, The Classic Partnership, UAE, had to say.

How would you evaluate this year's creativity? And what does it tell you about the regional industry?

Alok Gadkar: The region has proven that creativity in the Middle East is very much at par with what we see and what is done internationally.

What makes them even stronger is that they deliver on core insights that hold true to the sentiments and dynamics of the market. Regional yes, but truly international.

Is there a trend you’ve noticed that characterizes the majority of the awarded work?

A.G: Well, work should be purpose-driven, and if it is based on a strong cultural insight, it is something that will always get noticed. Trends keep evolving but the core will always be the same. If the idea carries weight, it wins no matter what.

Were the final results up to your expectations? Do you have any comments regarding the Grand Prix awarded?

A.G: Absolutely as per expectations. Dubai Lynx has always awarded the best. Which is why winning a Grand Prix is really difficult. Love and respect to all the winners who made it to that list.

Would you be able to name a campaign or two that you think deserved greater recognition?

A.G: ‘Truck Art Child Finder’ by BBDO definitely deserved more fame, which I’m sure will be fulfilled at Cannes Lions this year. On another note, I felt that the Deadpool activation by Livingroom Communications deserved some recognition.

Some of the comments we heard were related to having Turkey and Pakistan included in what is supposed to be a strictly Pan-Arab awards. What's your take on this?

A.G: Comments like these are heard from people with a broken heart. The whole world competes together at one massive award show like Cannes.

Having two neighbours participating with us should not bother the brave. The tougher the competition, the sweeter the victory.

“Having two neighbours (Pakistan, Turkey) participating with us should not bother the brave. The tougher the competition, the sweeter the victory.”

Other comments that emerged from the post-event discussions is that the work submitted this year wasn't really outstanding and don't stand a chance in the upcoming international awards. Do you agree with this?

A.G: Time will tell. Historically, some of the Grand Prix/Gold winning pieces from Dubai Lynx have always won big at most international award shows. Having said that, at international shows, the colour of metal doesn’t matter. It’s the win that counts.