Camille Haddad: Direct Replies from a Direct Man
Posted on 2009 Feb,08

This edition of ArabAd's 30-second questionnaire found its way to Camille Haddad’s desktop. Haddad, managing director of JWT Beirut, first started in the advertising business in 1992. Regarded by many as a man with a modest, calm and efficient character, he quickly rose in the field. Haddad takes his work seriously, yet he never lacks humour; this creates the right atmosphere for a positive work experience, be it with his team or his clients. Now, we find out what goes on in the subconscious of a man who believes that actions speak louder than words, but if words must be spoken, they should be clear, short and true.


"Consumed by Life."


What kills you most? 

Hypocrisy, mediocrity and greediness.

What gets you up in the morning?

Nitta, my work and the sound of my car.

What happened to your childhood dreams? 

Becoming realities one after the other.

What distinguishes you from others?

I’m quick and calm.

What do you need most?

A child.

Do you think that anyone can become an artist?

Difficult, you either have it or you don’t; it’s like humour.

Where are you from? 

My father’s sperm and my mother’s ovary.

Do you feel your situation is enviable?

Not really, but I am satisfied.

What have you given up on? 

Saving money.

What do you do with your money?

Enjoy spending every penny.

What moves you?

Education and knowledge.

What are your favourite pleasures?

Confidential information.

What would you like to receive for your birthday? 

An additional year.

Name three living artists that you hate most. 

Politicians, Politicians, and Politicians!     

What or whom do you defend?

Honesty and integrity.

What are you capable of refusing? 


What are you capable of doing in the name of love?


What are you blamed for?

Always joking and taking life easy.

What does art bring to you? 

An open mind.

Who do you think you are?

Just an additional creature.

What drives you nuts?

Long discussions based on nonsense. 

Write your own epitaph. 

‘Consumed by Life’.

Under what form would you like to come back as? 

Once is enough.

What was the last book you read? 

‘It is not how good you are, it is how good you want to be’.

Do you like animals? 

Yes, especially dogs.

Why did you choose advertising?

It’s not boring.

Who is the woman of your dreams? Honestly! 

Coming soon!

What is your philosophy in life? 

Enjoy it to the max.

What is the most important thing in your life? 

Life itself. 

What would you say if you talked to an alien? 

Forget it...