Alex Saber: "Jump into Life and Never Touch Bottom"
Posted on 2011 Jul,30

A healthy mix of fantasy and reality are the basis that Alex Saber, Chairman of VivaKi MENA, applies to his life’s journey. With his family as his rock and creativity on his side, the world is simply whatever he chooses to make of it, which to him, is a great deal!


“Keep walking until you achieve your dreams...”


What kills you most? 

Laziness, it’s the enemy of progression.

What gets you up in the morning?

When it’s not my anxiety ... it’s my dog.

What happened to your childhood dreams?

I’m still checking the goals on my bucket list.

What distinguishes you from others?

My determination and persistence.

What do you need most?

Affection and assurance.

Do you think that anyone can become an artist?

There is a little artist in everyone of us ready to shine.

Where are you from?

Books say I’m from Mars but I’m pretty sure I’m from the land of prophets, Lebanon.

Do you feel your situation is enviable?

Every situation has its pros and cons and there is a price to pay for everything we achieve. The most important thing is self-satisfaction.

What have you given up on?

Late mornings and late parties.

What do you do with your money?

I don’t see it and I don’t have any; my dear wife controls it!!!

What moves you?

Challenge and hard work.

What are your favourite pleasures?

Family time, hiking, and donuts!

What would you like to receive for your birthday?

A nice wish with a kiss.

Name three living artists that you hate most?

We cannot hate an artist; we may not appreciate his work.

What or whom do you defend?

Environment; we should not forget it in our race for new technologies.

What are you capable of refusing?

Discrimination, God equally created all of us.

What are you capable of doing in the name of love?

Kneel and shout “I LOVE YOU” in the middle of the Champs Elysees Avenue.

What are you blamed for?

Always being on the phone.

What does art bring to you?

Peace of mind.

Who do you think you are?

Just Alex!

What drives you nuts?

Lies, hypocrisy and fake people.

Write your own epitaph?

It’s not length of life, but depth of life. We jump into life and never touch bottom.

Under what form would you like to come back as?

Batman, so I can drive the Batmobile !

What was the last book you read?

Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morrie”.

Do you like animals?

If you call chasing after, playing with and caring for my dog animal loving, then I am the number one animal lover.

Why did you choose advertising?

It is the ultimate communication platform between people.

Who is the woman of your dream?

My wife (do I have another choice?!)

What is your philosophy in life?

Keep walking until you achieve your dreams, no matter the obstacles, because with a little faith you can be whoever you want to be.

What is the most important thing in your life?

Christiane, Fredy and Alexis, they are the circle of my life.