Rana Hamarneh: 30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years
Posted on 2018 Sep,18

Established in Jordan in 1991 as an advertising agency, Adpro Communications set foot on a sure winning strategy of growth, making a reputation for itself over the years as a leading market player in the Kingdom. At the helm of the agency, is Rana Hamarneh, who has been working in the communications field since 1988. With three decades of varied experience in the creative, strategy, media and advertising sector, Rana is known today for building some of the best performing brands in Jordan and the region. Honoring her remarkable achievements, we have asked Rana to identify 30 things she has learned in 30 years, and here’s what she had to say.

  1. Gut feelings actually work.
  2. Set huge goals. Aim for remarkable results.
  3. Make decisions that are best for the business. How you react in a crisis is what makes employees believe in you, and that’s how they will view you from that moment onwards.
  4. Most companies gave up caring a long time ago, so giving a damn is a competitive edge. 
  5.  ‘I am doing my best’... you say what? In our field, you are never good enough, you need to keep getting better and better. ‘Doing my best’ is never enough.
  6. Master the basics, then learn all the fancy pretends.
  7. Learn something new every day. You will never wake up and regret having invested in your mind by learning something new. Your surroundings can affect the outcome of your thoughts. Surround yourself with thinkers, art, and great people who constantly challenge you.
  8. To succeed you need to be flexible, opportunities come in different forms; be open and be ready.
  9. Clarity does not come from thinking alone.
  10. Don’t be a victim of the processes you create. Plan, but invent as you go. Always, take a step back and assess, you can always change your mind.
  11. Focus your work where the impact is.
  12. Small wins are worth celebrating; they can boost the morale of everyone in the agency.
  13. We should not only talk to people as they are, but reflect on where they want to be.
  14. What got you here will not get you there, you need to do things differently every time.
  15. Excellence verses Perfection and Effectiveness over Efficiency always.
  16. Challenge the rules but don’t break the law. Take risks, but have a plan for all possibilities.
  17. Growing others is the biggest part of any success story.
  18. There is nothing called ‘almost’. We either have it or we don’t… “we almost have it” is pure bullshit.
  19. Make it work no matter what the circumstances are.
  20. It is not about impressing people; it’s about making them believe in us.
  21. If it’s not a great idea… go to the next one. Improve it, eliminate it, or delegate it.
  22. It’s show time, and all It takes is one hiccup for everything to be ruined.
  23. Give credit to others… I am so turned off by people who take credit for everything.
  24. Bureaucracy is such a waste of time.
  25. Conversations matter.
  26. The difference between people telling you “You’re right”, and “it’s right” is ownership… encourage the latter. Still always be prepared to be doubted.
  27. When you train, train your weaknesses, when racing, race with your strength
  28. Maintain an evolving list of places and things you would like to visit and experience, honor and obey it.
  29. Everything matters, every element, every word, every minute, every relationship, every placement, every voice, every choice, whatever we add or take away, matters.
  30. Amazing transformations happen when the brain is too tired to insist on its usual way of doing things. Work an all-nighter and you will see.