Posted on 2015 Dec,11  | By Naseem Javed

The Big Picture


“… When the tsunami of free unlimited technologies makes organisations look increasingly outdated, the same tsunamis can quadruple innovative excellence and catapult into image supremacy... this makes technocalamity a new global age phenomena...”

Innovative excellence will be the driving force for creative agencies. When each and every one of your interactions with technology is being measured, recorded and added to an advancing digital tsunami, a new world of massive disruptions erupts. Remember the shift during the first desktop revolution. Every disruption opens new opportunities.

When boundary-less, intricate, global business practices proliferate, either to make you instantly super successful or crush your empire in slow death, a new world of mega winners and majority losers becomes 
a reality. The world is wide open like endless boulevards with opportunities lined up on both sides. Decades ago, we went to trade shows to find customers. Today there are five billion online.

Round-the-clock global races for national image supremacy make obsolete the conventional local 9-5 working and thinking. These global, time sensitive races shrink the overstretched Julian calendar-based timelines and make holidays out dated and unproductive. A new world of non-stop execution and super speed action becomes a new norm. Imagine month- long shut down of plants and slow mode seasonal office routines as a thing of the past. There is no such thing as 9-5 but rather 24 hours of constant ‘sun rising’ somewhere around the world.

How technocalamity helps quadrupling innovative excellence?

The 3rd Decade of the 3rd Millennium

In about the next 1500 days, the 3rd decade of the 3rd millennium starts; what does this mean? After the big fanfare at 
the end of year 2000, the first decade of the new millennium brought questionable wars. The second decade followed with national calamities and massive bailouts. This 3rd decade is poised to either bring down major economies or catapult them back into glory days. Both are possible but require deeper understanding of the new landscape, as new rules apply.

Technocalamity is now a reality. As global age competition, and availability of massive access, to almost-free technologically advanced processes to expand businesses, now challenges core competency of management. Now this skill gaps issues demand proof of new global age literacy to get qualified for the helm. Across the globe there are hundreds of millions of unprepared businesses demonstrating lack of practice, absence of engagement, and organisation- wide mediocrity in their relative market places. Their domestic economies are also losing their edge on a fast track. The export expansion races amongst nations are increasingly very tough and only the very best will survive.

Following are key observations, strategies and pragmatic solutions to cope with current realities.

Firstly, the three questions: no one dares to ask

Literacy Question: Are we increasingly becoming too illiterate to read into the future?

New global age thinking and skill gaps: Why there is so much tension, confusion and disconnect amongst leaders of businesses all over the world? Either the processes have become too complicated or have we become somewhat illiterate. Either way, we fail to fully appreciate the business and social landscape. During the Print Society in 1900, when words were power, only the privileged had access to the printed knowledge conferring power. The privileged were the literate. This same scenario, is occurring now, 120 years later, as the thousands of options and technologically advanced processes freely available are accessible only to the highly literate who read between the lines and connect the dots, while the rest of the population watches as amazed spectators.

Job-Creation Question:

Can universities really create global age innovative entrepreneurialism and next generation leaders?

Mass creation of 'job-creators' vs. 'job-seekers': Over the years, universities successfully produced millions of MBAs, but how many million entrepreneurs did they create? The main reason entrepreneurialism is not fertilised in lush grassed pathways of universities, is because entrepreneurs won’t be trained by rigid syllabuses. They roam, discover, and look behind stonewalls. They see opportunities invisible to common herds, or the esteemed faculties. Is it possible to re-train faculties and for them to understand true ‘job-creators’ and distinguish them from ‘job seekers?’

Nationalism Question:

If the entrepreneurial gene is widespread and massive job creation can only be solved by entrepreneurs, why is a nationwide programme is not top of the country’s national agenda?

Innovative Excellence and Global Competitiveness: Entrepreneurs, with few exceptions, are born with certain types of personality traits and emotional make-up. 
In the right mix, those traits can catapult entrepreneurs to amazing performances.
To create superstar, next-generation entrepreneurs, business owner’s families 
may provide the right entrepreneurial juices from the early ages. Yet, even the best of the best business families may fail in creating successful succession. It’s also a fact that most successful business owners around the world today had no formal education, experience,
 or training in the business they created. This proves that any entrepreneurial type, out
 of box, risk-taking personality is sufficient
 to start on a right trajectory for bigger
 and bolder successes. On the other hand, entrepreneurs have been most feared because they are risk takers and were rejected when requesting early support and finances. They were rejected as outside the box.

Today the ‘world’ is outside the box.

Now it’s the world that’s outside the
 box. Deniers are being crushed. Nations 
with bold and open dialogue on new age entrepreneurialism, and a country wide programme under manifesto can ensure their image supremacy of innovative excellence in the global market place, otherwise they too become irrelevant... Creation of a top national agenda is in order. What took so long?

The Big Picture: New Global Age

Landscape for Mass Creation of Superstar Entrepreneurialism.

The entire world is wrapped in the Internet of everything. It has morphed into measuring everything and consumes all ‘passive or active touch points’ of our daily working and living routines. The big data feedback and real time processing
 will create new lifestyle thinking, working and business modeling. There will be mega shifts of rediscoveries on who we are, what our real skills and talents are, what and why we are doing what we do every day and for what returns? The massive global realignments and reinventing opportunities, both on personal development and corporate reorganisation level, never before imagined on scales never previously executed, will emerge.

We are crossing a chasm; it’s deep, undecipherable and embedded with massive disruptions and yet stacked with the most and amazing opportunities.

The 2020: A Twenty-Faceted Future Unfolds

Approaching 2020, the new global age and fully mobile society wrapped in the internet of everything simply declares 
the traditional office and 9-5 work 
model useless. It will create new types of working-lifestyle-habitats, shaking down the centuries old work habits and office working models. The corporate centrality of downtown business complexes loses it grips in 10,000 cites as new routines and habits impacting ‘on demand productivity’ and ‘shared services’ cascade. These new routines eliminate the concepts of typical office jobs, weekly payroll and bureaucratic hierarchies transforming into likes of advance level ‘gig economy’. This will thrive amongst clusters of on-demand, online, skill exchanges making ‘self-trained’, ‘self-employed’ and ‘self-occupied’ the largest working groups. Just like a gemologist can better appreciate the cut of a diamond a mastery of global age understanding is a prerequisite to decipher the unfolding of a multi-faceted future.

Approaching 2020, the new global age and fully mobile society wrapped in the internet of everything simply declares the traditional office and 9-5 work model useless.

While on the other side, the age of abundance will continuously drown mediocrity and shred weaker business models, the constant overflow of great globally accessible and affordable ideas will crush parochial thinking and single- sided nationalism. The global-age culture will dominate and force reevaluation of everything. Superstar entrepreneurialism will be the most desired model.

Innovative excellence will be the driving force for creative agencies

All this combined has now created
 a new kind of cyclone on the horizon, something that the corporate nomenclature buzz and media pundits are still years away from finding the right ‘name’ for. The most skilled in global
age entrepreneurialism and innovative excellence are trying to get realigned
 to face the new realities. When in 2020 and looking back to present times, the global business landscape would be unrecognisable in all aspects.



 Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement. He is a world recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. He is founder of ABC Namebank, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. His recent work on entrepreneurial leadership and innovative performance Mentorian Worldwide is getting global attention.
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