AFP-Services becomes FACTSTORY
Posted on 2020 Nov,17

Ten years after its creation, AFP-Services, a subsidiary of Agence France-Presse, specializing in on-demand custom content, becomes FACTSTORY, a distinct service offering commissioned production to companies and institutions.

"This is a necessary step to solidify the identity and the position of the operation, which has evolved since its creation. It is also important for us to differentiate between services offered. FACTSTORY is a production company with major business and institutional contracts," explains  Fabrice Fries, CEO of AFP and FACTSTORY.

With nearly 100 customers worldwide and a revenue of seven million euros in 2019, FACTSTORY works with an unrivaled global production network, combining strong image expertise and journalistic vision.

FACTSTORY’s network is available in over 150 countries. A network consisting of more than a thousand creative talents that produces on-demand original content: communication campaigns, lifestyle features, exclusive reporting, studio portraits, documentaries, sports and cultural event coverage, plus CSR content, all with the required editorial standards of AFP.

The production teams enjoy an in-depth knowledge of local, regional and national issues affecting each territory.

Operations are managed by six regional hubs: Paris, Brussels, Montevideo, Hong Kong, Washington and Beirut.