Banque BEMO launches 'Back to our Cedar Roots' Initiative
Posted on 2021 Oct,27  | By ArabAd's staff

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Lebanon-based commercial bank, Banque BEMO, has launched a social responsibility flavoured initiative titled “Back to our Cedar Roots.”

This initiative, launched in partnership with NGO Jouzour Loubnan, consists of offering a number of newly planted Cedar trees in favor of persons of Lebanese origin living abroad and not having a father of Lebanese nationality. .

“If we were to plant a Cedar for every single one of them, all Lebanon and perhaps a large part of the Middle East would be covered by Cedars,” reads the press announcement.

For this first year, the bank intends to plant 100 trees that would be allocated in a lottery to 100 persons of Lebanese origin, living abroad and not having a father of Lebanese nationality. 

“We believe that Lebanon is for everyone who has roots in Lebanon. We believe that Lebanon owes to each one of them. We believe that Lebanon is a message and not only a country, and this message is one of openness and generosity,” says the message.

A draw will take place on 22 November, during Lebanese Independence day.

Banque BEMO is keen to reaffirm once again its statement, “2021 is the year of Faith”.