CARMA and SOCIALEYEYZ add Abu Dhabi Customs to their portfolio
Posted on 2022 Jun,07

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Regional media and digital sister agencies, CARMA and SOCIALEYEZ, announce the addition of Abu Dhabi Customs to their already extensive roster.

CARMA, the media intelligence company, will be responsible for all media monitoring and measurement to ensure it is able to provide SOCIALEYEZ with key insights to build the best possible social media strategy and content plan, which the award-winning digital agency will now head up.

The team at CARMA will overtake the media monitoring and measurement aspect of the account, delivering what matters through a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise to capture relevant media coverage and provide analytics that drive the organization forward.

In parallel, SOCIALEYEZ will work with Abu Dhabi Customs as the lead agency for social media strategy, management and content development.

The recorded insights and rich variety of data provided by CARMA will help SOCIALEYEZ personalise a marketing strategy for Abu Dhabi Customs across all their social channels on a business and consumer level.

Through actionable insights, SOCIALEYEZ will be able to automate advice and recommendations on a massive scale, giving users a highly relevant service that is completely personalised to their needs, goals and behaviour. 

Mazen Nahawi, CEO of CARMA and Founder of SOCIALEYEZ comments: “This award once again demonstrates how clients across the region are looking for specialized insights to work hand in hand with social marketing capabilities which are agile, scalable and most of all have perfected all things related to Arabic social-media content,” explained MN. “CARMA provides niche monitoring and insights from all key platforms including TikTok, Snapchat, TV and trade press. SOCIALEYEZ is the go-to partner for the most creative and demanding clients who need to combine strategy, creativity and insights at high speed.”