Havas Sports & Entertainment, France wins the Care Awards 2021 Grand Prix
Posted on 2021 Dec,15

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A total of 6 campaigns from 4 countries have been awarded by the 2021 Jury of the Care Awards considering their excellence in promoting care for people and the environment.

This year’s Grand Prix goes to Havas Sports & Entertainment for Undercover Avatar, Association L'Enfant Bleu, and 5 other campaigns receive a Care Award.

In the category NGO - Case Study, 3 campaigns were awarded:
Undercover Avatar - Havas Sports & Entertainment - Association L'Enfant Bleu - France.
Invisible Petitions -TBWA\Istanbul - We Will Stop Femicide - Turkey.
Bee_nfluencer - Publicis Conseil Paris - Fondation de France - France.

In the category NGO - Film, one campaign was awarded:
The Hiring Chain - Small - CoorDown - United States.

In the category NGO - Print (Case Study), one campaign was awarded:
The Day-After-Women's-Day - Havas Lisbon - Raparigas da Bola - Portugal.

In the category Government - Case Study, one campaign was awarded:
Boards of Change - FCB Chicago - City of Chicago - United States.

“The competition was rough this year, especially in the CSR category where no campaigns received a Care Award. The jury had passionate discussions but being from such a large variety of backgrounds, it is very difficult to seduce them all. The 32 CSR campaigns were carefully examined, but none made the cut, which is interesting in light of all other awards who’ve lately seen their “good” or “sustainable” categories overtaken by companies” explains Isa Kurata, ACT Responsible co-founder.

The Care Awards do not use a ranking scale; there are no first or second or third, it is only about which campaigns deserve a Care Award. It’s all about merit.

Also, the main aim of the Care Awards is to highlight the advertising industry’s specific contribution to society by selecting and celebrating the most powerful and relevant social marketing campaigns and to inspire, promote and unite the actors of the advertising communications industry around social responsibility and sustainable development. The particularity of The Care Awards is its unique jury composed of a panel of agency professionals, sustainable communication experts alongside NGOs Communication Heads chaired by MEP Dita Charanzova.