Home in a Bite, a new initiative to bring a true taste of Lebanon to the UAE 
Posted on 2021 Mar,30

While many restaurants in Lebanon have shut their doors due to the country’s economic and political instability, the pandemic has made it quite difficult for people to roam around town to visit some of their remaining favorite spots or savor their favorite meals: Home is no longer what it used to be. All of these factors have also made traveling back home quite challenging for the Lebanese that are living abroad.

A group of Lebanese entrepreneurs have decided to take action by launching “Home in a Bite”, an initiative that supports restaurants in Lebanon which are facing difficulties, by bringing their famous delicious dishes and products to Dubai, delivered at the doorstep of all those who are homesick for a little taste of home.

Launched on March 30, Home in a Bite will introduce 15 Lebanese restaurants, delivering all across Dubai through a new created website or Deliveroo. 

Home in a Bite’s brand identity and creative assets were developed by TBWA\RAAD.

Christine Assouad, Founder and CEO of The Catalyst of Growth, said: “We are very excited to launch Home in Bite in Dubai. Many great UAE companies, such as TBWA, joined forces to make this dream happen. Lebanese living abroad are known for their attachment to their hometown, and for continuously craving their favorite dishes and local brands. In light of the economic crisis that has left Lebanese restaurants in a rough situation, we have decided to bring some of our favorite restaurants to the UAE and provide consumers in the UAE with a true taste of Lebanon, delivered at their doorstep.”

Reda Raad, Group CEO at TBWA\RAAD said: “We are proud to take part in such a great initiative. Life’s recent hardships and circumstances are increasingly proving the need for brands to contribute to societal good. As a Lebanese myself, I am looking forward to supporting local businesses and brands from my hometown and enjoying their delicious cuisine and I invite everyone in Dubai to do so.”