It's Time to Submit Entries to White Square Advertising Festival 2021
Posted on 2021 Feb,12

One of the largest creative festivals in Europe White Square international advertising festival that is scheduled on June 9-11– invites representatives of communication and marketing industry to evaluate the recent year from a creativity point of view and submit their entries into MARKETING AND MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS contest.

Every year, the entries in the Marketing & Marketing Effectiveness categories are evaluated by established communications professionals who have conquered the world creative Olympus. Over the years, the palm in this category was awarded by the brightest persons of the industry, and the jury of 2021 will be no exception.

Evaluation criteria for competitive works are creative idea, strategy and its implementation, and most importantly - the result of the project. It can be presented in the form of specific commercial data or a description of the achievement of project objectives (publications in the media, growth of brand awareness, etc.).

White Square is included in the following ratings:

- Rating of marketing services AСAR (Russia).

- Global ranking of creativity AdForum Business Creative Report;

- Global ranking TopFice

- Baltic Agency Ranking,

- Creativity ranking of Estonian Marketing Association;

- Creativity ranking of Central Asia and Azerbaijan;

- Creativity ranking of the Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies of Belarus (ACMA).

For those who already made a decision which projects to enter, here is a simple guide that ease the upload into MARKETING & MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS contests. What are you waiting for, It’s Time to REGISTER on the festival website.