New Twitter OOH campaign rolls out in American cities to promote wearing masks
Posted on 2020 Sep,23

If you are not yet wearing a mask yet, these Twitter billboards may put a smile on your face if it doesn't convince you of your role in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by keeping your mask on when in public space.

For its new outdoor campaign, Twitter chose to encourage people to wear masks. The new Twitter billboards are all showcasing real tweets, some really witty about life under a mask--such as “Best thing about these masks is I can sing along to my music without looking like a weirdo,”and “Why do I feel like everyone’s giving me Resting Mask Face?”--and it can be pretty funny, when not extremely insightful.

Mask wearing is one of the most popular topics on Twitter, with some 100 million tweets on the subject since March.

“As always, the people on Twitter say it best. Masks are a huge conversation around the world, and we’re happy to help cities tackle mask caution fatigue with tweets that will make people smile and hopefully mask up,” said Leslie Berland, Twitter’s CMO and head of people.

Twitter partnered with seven US cities —New York; Asbury and Jersey City, N.J.; Chicago; Seattle; Los Angeles; and Miami Beach.

The campaign extends beyond billboards to include murals and sidewalk art in high-traffic urban areas such as Chicago’s Millennium Park, Times Square in New York City and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

To help raise awareness on the platform, Twitter has also added the mask-wearing emoji. Anytime a user tweets #WearAMask, they’ll be rewarded with an animated mask emoji sequence.

“People around the world are talking about masks and the real-talk happens on Twitter,” Nola Weinstein, Twitter's global head of culture and brand experience, said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring these Tweets to the streets, amplify people’s voices, and encourage everyone to mask-up.”