Ottimo Sports launches a platform that approaches sports sponsorships in nimble and effective way
Posted on 2022 Aug,09

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It was when the adidas creator Adi Dassler sponsored Jesse Ownes at the 1936 Olympics that the brand was given its real credibility and positive positioning.

Sports sponsorship kept on evolving and has seen much growth in the last couple of years. According to Statista, the global sports sponsorship market was worth an estimated 57 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is expected to grow to almost 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. 

Aware of the opportunities and growth in this sector, a brand-new sports sponsorship business venture Ottimo Sports has been launched in Dubai early June 2022 giving birth to a niche and novel form of sports sponsorships acquisition that is made available throughout the most active and engaging sports communities in the UAE.

This new start-up focuses on aiding the growth of sports business and communities while introducing its platform, which is believed to inspire the sports sponsorship mechanism by herding the gains of the digital age.

Ottimo Sports’ Egyptian founder and managing director Hazem Hassan commented: “I’m thrilled to see my platform securing opportunities worth over $200,000 of purely focused sports branding opportunities for leading sports communities in Dubai, aiming to grow supply of opportunities by $1M and $270,000 to sell worth of opportunities to business brands. By the conclusion of the first year, the promises are high; and in a market like Dubai, which is considered one of the leading sports destinations, the potential are tremendous.”

The idea behind the Ottimo Sports platform is to narrow the gap between businesses who are looking for accurate and focused branding access to genuine markets via sports communities, by making it accessible through one channel, hence facilitating opportunities to all parties involved. In short, brands can now choose the best branding and marketing tool to promote their brand from one side, while sports businesses are able to get their sponsorships alive and available to brand marketers and investors via Ottimo’s platform.

The two potential beneficiaries can now digitally meet in one place throughout the Ottimo Sports platform, which helps them combine their forces at their utmost convenience.

This new concept aims to change the outlook of sports sponsorships sales, by making it "simple, reliable, timesaving, accessible, negotiable and value based", as Hazem Hassan says. 

By having everything set online, sports sponsorship re-imagined by Ottimo Sports looks indeed more approachable by all, as more structured and easy to grasp.