Peer advisory group, Vistage, launches Its UAE Chapter
Posted on 2022 May,22

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The world’s largest peer-advisory group, Vistage, launched its UAE chapter on May 19, opening up a network of 26,000 leaders, CEOs and business owners across more than 26 countries to professionals in the UAE.

The UAE Chapter was officially inaugurated at Dubai’s Capital Club at the Dubai International Financial Centre and was followed by a productive networking session with peers.

At the launch event, Vistage showcased how the group has helped its members grow on average 2.2 times their industry rate, thrive in volatile situations and grow sustainable businesses that are recognised by Fortune as well as their industry peers. Unlike traditional businesses, the value of Vistage is its actual members, and as such they are inviting professionals and business owners to become Founding Members of its latest UAE chapter and also join the global network.

Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together high-integrity executives and business owners into private advisory groups. Each group is purpose-built to help members support each other, improve performance and outcomes of their businesses.

With experts from sectors as diverse as retail and construction, finance and marketing, the Vistage network is growing rapidly with members benefiting from the likes of knowledge sharing to accessing key government policy resources.

Groups such as women in business and family business clusters allow specialists in small, medium and large-scale businesses to find experts in their chosen field or sector and discuss best practices and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

CEO of Vistage Worldwide, Sam Reece welcomed the expansion of VISTAGE in the Middle East under the guidance of our business partner Nathan Farrugia, who has a track record of growing VISTAGE in other countries.

He said, “The timing is so right for VISTAGE, with all that is going on around us in the world; with our clear purpose to help high integrity CEOs and Leaders grow their businesses to benefit their employees and communities, we wish all new members joining the founding groups in Dubai, success in their ventures.”

“We are excited to launch in one of the region’s most international and diverse business hubs,” said Nathan Farrugia, Managing Director of Vistage International UAE. “From our 60 years’ experience, we know there is a wealth of global talent to be tapped into in Dubai which will fit well into our international network, adding yet more value to the Vistage membership portfolio.”

The group also conducts events, private coaching and online group discussions for its valued members.