Snapchat continues impressive growth
Posted on 2022 Sep,25

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As the second fastest-growing brand globally and the most popular social network among teens, Snapchat has seen its user base explode over the years. Moreover, the image and video sharing app has outpaced the competition in terms of daily active users (DAUs) growth.

According to data presented by, with 54 million new daily active users in a year, Snapchat is growing faster than Twitter or Facebook.


13 million New DAUs per Quarter

Snapchat still convincingly leads as the most popular social network among teens, ahead of Twitter, Instagram, and even social media giant Facebook. Last year, nearly 60% of all US internet users aged 13 to 24 used the photo-sharing app, proving its popularity.

In the Middle East, the monthly addressable reach in KSA has grown to 19.5M unique Snapchatters, according to Snap Inc internal data from Mach 2021.

The Statista and Snap Inc. data show Snapchat has been gaining around 13 million new daily active users each quarter for the last two years. 

In Q1 2020, the app reported 229 million DAUs, and by the end of the year, this figure jumped to 265 million.

In 2021 only, another 54 million people started using the app, driving the total number of DAUs to 319 million. 

Statistics show Snapchat had 347 million daily active users in Q2 2022, or 18% more than in the same quarter a year ago.

Its competitor Twitter has seen a 15% user growth YoY, with the number of DAUs rising from 206 million in Q2 2021 to 237.8 million in Q2 2022.

The social media giant Facebook has seen its DAUs increase by 3% or 60 million year-over-year, with the total number reaching 1.96 billion in Q2 2022.


Largest User Growth Outside the US and Europe

During the second quarter of 2022, Snapchat had 99 million daily active users in North America and 86 million DAUs in Europe. However, the largest growth came from users outside these two regions amounting to 162 million users in Q2 2022, 35% more than in the same quarter a year ago.

Snapchat`s European user base grew by 10% year-over-year, while the number of DAUs in North America rose by 4% in this period.

With over 145 million users, India has the biggest Snapchat user base in the world. The United States ranked second with over 107 million users. France follows as the third-largest market globally, with nearly 25 million users. And the Middle East is one of the most engaged region in the world for Snapchat, specifically in the GCC, overall Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia.