Strategic Growth Agency Grow Acquires Joie Brands
Posted on 2020 Oct,04

Grow, a strategic growth agency, dedicated to helping medium to large enterprises flourish through tailored growth strategies, has acquired Joie Brands, a Dubai based strategic brand consultancy, further strengthening its unique offering in line with its core objective of helping companies grow.

Taking a majority stake in Joie Brands, the acquisition will see the two companies remain as separate brands with separate teams that specialise in their respective areas of expertise.

Founded in 2012, with both a presence in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, Grow’s eight-year evolution has seen the company achieve the expertise needed in today’s world of Digital Marketing. Grow has a proven track record of increasing clients’ revenues two to three-fold.

James Pardoe, Founder and CEO of Grow, said: “At Grow our passion is to help companies reach their true potential as it benefits everyone all around, from the business owners, to their customers, and society at large. We focus heavily on strategy, seeing the bigger picture and plotting a path to achieving business growth objectives. Our data analysts remove the guesswork and our behavioural psychologist ensures our clients strongly resonate with their target audience. When coupled with digital, we are able to achieve effective, measurable, and scalable results for our clients that are reflected by a quantifiable ROI.”

“The acquisition of Joie Brands will further strengthen our core offering and help us continue to spread the word about the amazing companies we work closely with as well as the value they provide to society,” James added.

Founded in 2008, Joie Brands is predominantly based out of Dubai, with an expanding presence in the UK. The company is dedicated to humanising brands through impactful brand storytelling, as well as crafting strong, relatable and personified brands that magnify all future growth metrics.

John Watkinson, Founder and CEO of Joie Brands, said: “We are excited to see how Grow and Joie can continue to develop strong brands together. The world has recognised an even greater correlation between brand and its digital expression and the importance of digital in the brand world and we feel this acquisition offers our clients even more value than ever before. We will continue to operate as a separate team with our own specific portfolio of clients, but as Grow and Joie rely heavily on strategy to improve client business, we look forward to strategic opportunities to knowledge-share and cross collaborate. We are convinced this acquisition will surely help our clients and us grow within the UAE market and beyond.”