Three talented copywriters join Impact BBDO creative force
Posted on 2022 Aug,31  | By ArabAd's staff

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IMPACT BBDO continues to strengthen its team with an infusion of young and diverse talent.

Recently, three copywriters have been announced and are set to take the agency upon an exciting road of words. Two English copywriters, Archie Singh and Jarrad Pitts, and an Arabic copywriter Maher Dahdouh will be in charge of the agency's writing projects to captivate audiences across the MENA region.

One of the talents, Archie Singh, took her dad’s family name, which traditionally in some parts of India is not a custom. She comes from a doctors' family so decided not to be a doctor. Hated numbers so decided to be a banker. She's tachophobic (speed phobia), so drives a sports car. Aversion to sweets made her a professional baker. Archie is clearly a nonconformist. For a change, the least dramatic thing in her life so far has been winning a gold medal in English Literature and MBA (Marketing) out of sheer love for literature and storytelling. Chapeau!

Jarrad Pitts is a South African national. Before advertising, he was an anthropologist, screenwriter, kickboxer, waiter, babysitter, and a slightly above average cartwheeler. Currently, he’s completing a degree in psychology and counselling focusing on human development. He, however, loves advertising because “it feels like you’re doing all of these at once… with a deadline… and feedback.” His team and client’s work has been awarded at Dubai Lynx, Clios, Cannes, D&AD and AdStars, among others. He thoroughly enjoys a challenge and speaking in the third person… despite colleague disapproval.

Maher Dahdouh graduated from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts with a master’s degree in graphic arts and advertising in 2015 and started his career in a multinational based in Beirut, working as a copywriter for a variety of markets and industries, including and not limited to FMCG, automotive, healthcare, banking, F&B, and advocacy. Along the way his work picked up metal from regional and international award shows including and not limited to Cannes Lions, D&AD, Dubai Lynx, MENA EFFIE. In his seven years as a copywriter, he learnt that his job mostly consists of asking as many whys as possible to come up with the simplest yet most impactful how.