Users globally spent over 140,000 years watching Twitch in H1 2021
Posted on 2021 Sep,29

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Twitch has for several years remained a significant player in the video gaming streaming scene recording growth in the process. Consequently, users on the platform are spending more time viewing content.

According to data compiled by Finbold, users globally cumulatively spent a whopping equivalent of 148,300 years watching Twitch during the first half of 2021. The highest viewership time was recorded in May at 26,318 years. June had the least watching time at 22,382 years.

In January, 24,766 years were spent watching Twitch, while in February, the figure stood at 24,476 years. March and April recorded 24,880 and 25,531 years, respectively.

Elsewhere, January recorded the highest number of active streamers at 9.8 million, while the least value was in June 2021 at 8.2 million.

Twitch remains a central player in video streaming

The report highlights the position of Twitch in the global streaming scene. According to the research report:

"In general, Twitch has emerged as a one-stop for viewers to learn about new games, stay updated on favorite streamers and the industry's latest developments, and engage in a global community."

Additionally, Twitch's growing number of viewing hours has emanated from the diversification of content on the platforms. In this line, the research report notes that:

"Non-gaming content was accelerated amid the pandemic when live events were canceled, and musicians turned to Twitch, leveraging on the platform's popularity and monetization offerings for creators."

Although Twitch has made strides in the streaming world, the platform faces significant competition from other platforms like Facebook and YouTube.