‘Weaved as One’, adidas new campaign by Havas ME asserts that Saudi Arabia Football Federation kit belongs to all
Posted on 2023 Mar,24  | By ArabAd's staff

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Havas Middle East worked on a new campaign for adidas, for the launch of the new Saudi Arabia Football Federation kit.

Football in Saudi Arabia is a matter of national pride, making the national kit just as cherished a national symbol as any other. This kit belongs to more than just the national team. It represents every individual who calls Saudi Arabia their home. 

That is why, to launch the new Saudi Arabia Football Federation Kit 2023-24, adidas brought together key players from both the men’s and women’s national teams in the ‘Weaved As One’ campaign; the footballers journeyed across the Kingdom to visit three diverse communities that share the same passion for the sport and make up the fabric of both traditional and progressive Saudi culture. 

In a film conceptualized and managed by Havas Middle East, and producted by Film House, we see very diverse communities become the faces of the new kit launch, celebrating the fact that everyone who wears this kit --players of the squads and fans alike are all part of the Saudi National Team.

In this kit, the entire Kingdom is weaved as one.

Hassan Altambakti, Abdulelah Al-Amri, Hattan Bahebri, and Al-Bandari Mubarak launched the new kits with the quickly growing gaming and e-sports community of the Kingdom which even included global e-sports champion Abdulaziz Alshehri, popularly known as Mr. Done. 

While Farah Jefry and Dalia Adel from the women’s national team launched the new kits with the professional motorsports racing community, including Reem AlAboud, the youngest Saudi woman to compete in Formula E. 

Mohammed Al-Owais, keeper of the Saudi national team launched the kits with the professional camel racing community who has been raising camels and competing in this ancient sport for generations. 

Leading up to the launch, a digital takeover of one of Saudi Arabia's most iconic landmarks -Alula- was done by replacing the interiors of the monument with a stone-carved locker room with a larger-than-life kit displayed. The stunt was thought up and overseen by Havas Middle East, using CGI by VertexCGI.