A groundbreaking initiative by easypaisa and IMPACT BBDO helps Pakistani women grasp their marriage contract
Posted on 2024 Feb,08

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In a historic move that aims to help shatter taboos and empower women, Pakistan's renowned digital financial services platform, easypaisa, brings forth the “Audio Nikahnama”, a groundbreaking initiative that provides women unprecedented access to their matrimonial rights.

The campaign was launched in collaboration with IMPACT BBDO, alongside Zohaib Kazi as the director for the launch film.

According to the Pakistan Commission on the Status of Women, two-thirds of Pakistani women cannot comprehend their Nikahnama, or marriage contract, due to literacy limitations, and the remaining do not get timely access to the document.

'Audio Nikahnama' tackles this head-on by offering a free, simple, and accessible solution. Women can access this audio tool through a free helpline, or download the easypaisa app and listen to the Nikahnama in six different languages.

In addition to this, there is a sign language option available in the app to ensure accessibility by all. This empowers women, regardless of their socio-economic class or digital divide to access this information, to understand their rights and obligations within the marriage contract.

Commenting on the campaign, Rifah Qadri, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, easypaisa, said; "For decades, countless Pakistani women have entered marriages without fully understanding the terms of their Nikahnama. This vital document, outlining their rights and responsibilities within the marriage, often remains inaccessible due to illiteracy or lack of awareness. With the easypaisa Audio Nikahnama, we are breaking down these barriers and empowering women to make informed decisions about their future. This initiative is not just about technology, it's about empowering women, promoting transparency, and financial stability which results into building stronger families. By making the Nikahnama accessible to all, we are creating a more informed and empowered generation of women in Pakistan."

This first-of-its-kind innovation in Pakistan leverages the power of technology to overcome literacy barriers and ensure education of this most important contract.

The 'Audio Nikahnama' not just enhances knowledge regarding the marriage contract, but also fosters open communication within marriages, and paves the way for a more equitable future.