A humorous Ramadan film by Serviceplan Arabia for Abdul Latif Jameel Motors in which generosity is greatly emphasized
Posted on 2024 Mar,19

A new Ramadan campaign from Serviceplan Arabia and Abdul Latif Jameel Motors – Toyota sector, embraces generosity during Ramadan.

In the comedic spot filmed at Al Khobar's Corniche in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and directed by Abdullah Khamees out of production house DeJaVu, Serviceplan Arabia and Abdul Latif Jameel Motors - Toyota sector depict two groups of men competing against each other to invite a lonesome stranger to celebrate Iftar with them. The serious exchange between the two groups culminates in the decision that they should all celebrate Iftar together. 

The focus on Al Khobar's Corniche celebrates Saudi Arabia's culture, while the narrative and direction beautifully capture tradition and diversity in the film, showcasing the essence of Saudi culture in an authentic way.

Departing from typical family-centric themes, this year's spot delves into communal experiences during the sacred month.

Around the time of sunset, friends gather to break their fast on the grassy corniche in Al Khobar. One group, youthful and sociable, meets an older group, seasoned and wise. A man sitting alone, lost in contemplation by the sea, catches their attention. With kindness, one group invites him to join their iftar, sparking a friendly rivalry with the group of elders. Amidst playful banter, the eldest intervenes to remind everyone of Ramadan's essence - generosity unites hearts in compassion.

Munir Khoja, Managing Director, Marketing Communications at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors - Toyota Sector, elaborates on the ethos behind the campaign: "Reflecting our approach over the last couple of years, we focus during Ramadan on sharing light-hearted, authentic scenarios inspired from the real lives of Saudi families and friends, aiming to bring a smile to our audiences. Embracing the diverse lifestyles and dialects across the Kingdom, coupled with our commitment to inclusivity, gives us ample room for creative expression by sharing light stories that resonate with Saudis from all walks of life. Producing the film in Al Khobar this year brought us immense joy, and we look forward to visiting and showcasing more cities in the future."

Saleh El Ghatit, Executive Creative Director at Serviceplan Arabia, adds “It’s been three years since we thought about changing how Ramadan car commercials should be for Abdul Latif Jameel Motors - Toyota Sector. We’re proud of this third installment that takes place in Al Khobar, a beautiful and scenic city. For this year’s Ramadan spot, we knew we wanted a unique spin, and Al Khobar was it! The picturesque corniche was the perfect canvas to showcase genuine, Saudi hospitality.”



Agency Credits:

Agency: Serviceplan Experience
Client: Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (Toyota)

Managing Partner: Rami Hmadeh

Client servicing: Ramy Abdel Rehim, Khaled Hakim, Ayman Fouda

Agency Head of Production: Oussama El Rashid, Hicham Soubra

Executive Creative Director: Saleh El Ghatit
Creative Director: Sameer Suri

Art Director: Radhi Raut
Arabic Copyrwriter: Fatima Sanba

Production Credits:

Production House: DeJaVu
Executive Producer: Manasvi Gosalia
Head of Production: Kavya Iyer
Bidding Producer: Farha Moon
Producer: Marianne Merhi
Director: Abdullah Khamees
DOP: Ahmed Hamdi
Wardrobe Stylist: Bashar Assaf
Art Director: Issa Kandil
Servicing Team: Two Tales
Rental House: FinalCut Equipped
Post Producer: Hala Charkas, Tasmiah Khan

Editor: Abdullah Salhia
Grader: Belal Hibri
Music & SFX: Nizar Al Qundy
DeJaVu: Online