A law on women’s rights was picked as the sponsor of CFC, Tunisia's leading women Volleyball team
Posted on 2022 Feb,17  | By ArabAd's staff

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The Club Feminin de Carthage (CFC), Tunisia's leading women Volleyball team, as part of their social engagement for women's causes, wanted to join their voice in educating young women about their rights, especially in covid times when the number of gender-based agressions was clearly rising.

They had an upcoming Super Cup Final game that would be broadcasted nationwide, a rare event in women’s sports in Tunisia. They wanted to take the opportunity to promote the 58-2017 law in an interesting way.

The 58-2017 Law, preventing violence against women was promulgated in 2017 as one of the most progressive women rights law in the MENA region, tackling physical and moral violence, including cat calling and gender wage gap. Unfortunately, this law despite lots of efforts, remains largely unknown by the public, resulting in women ignoring their basic rights.

In collaboration with Lobsters Prod advertising agency, it was decided to capitalize on the 58-2017 law and make it the brand new Jersey sponsor, 58-2017.tn

Moreover, the law was transformed from a set of articles to a website, 58-2017.tn

Seeing this new sponsor on TV will aroused curiosity and had people check the website, where all the the law articles were listed in a social media friendly manner, easily downloadable and sharable. Making such content available on any women phone was the ultimate objective, as this was sure to be helpful for women when faced with a situation of moral of physical violence and need to know their rights.

The website 58-2017.tn got launched before the final supported by social media. It was immediately picked up by sports media and later more generalist online media relayed the story.

The team fans shared the social content and it was picked by renowned women influencers reputed for their support of women’s rights cause.

Radio talk shows targeting women and a popular TV talk show introduced the initiative and promoted the 58-2017.tn law.

The results were overwhelming. Instagram Reels & Facebook posts depicting the law were viewed more than 200.000 times.

The cumulative audience reached on TV & Radio (Game, News, TV talk shows, Radio shows…) was said to be above 4M people with TV talk show earning alone the attention of 1.8M viewers.




Advertising agency: Lobsters Prod, Tunis, Tunisia

Digital Agency : 1337 Digital Studio
PR Agency : YKONE Tunis

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Chief Executive Officer : Aziza Ben Amor
Associate Creative Director : Amin Khelil
Associate Producer : Yousr Bouden
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