Adpro Communications Group and Sleepzone advocate for improved sleep among politicians through humorous campaign
Posted on 2023 Oct,05

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Sleepzone, a renowned Jordanian retail brand specializing in sleep products, has unveiled a clever and funny campaign aimed at encouraging better sleep where it matters the most: the bedroom. The campaign kicked off with a compelling film featuring images of politicians from around the world caught dozing off during official meetings.

Sleepzone, a brand that caters to everyone's sleep needs, has introduced a new pillow series from Tempur, a global specialist in sleep and wellness solutions. While these pillows offer exceptional quality, they come with a higher price point. The challenge was to promote these premium pillows in a way that does not change Sleepzone's market position of making better sleep accessible for all and not the few.

Rizek Jildeh, Head of Planning at the Agency, explains the strategic approach, "Our goal was to emphasize the importance of quality sleep off the job for enhanced productivity on the job. And while workplace attentiveness is a universal concern, we needed to align it with our brand ethos—catering to the many, not just a few. It is through this lens that we decided to go on a political route as the decisions made by politicians (the few) if made with low attention and fatigue, affect the many, and reversed it through our product – a product for the few, to inspire better decision making for the many.”

The 'P(illow)tics Series' campaign has resorted to humor and showcases individuals in positions of power nodding off during official meetings then offers a solution to their fatigue.

A print campaign composed of several visuals also supported the film.

Hatem Soliman, Creative Director at Adpro Communications Group, remarks, "Working alongside our partners at Impact BBDO, we explored various creative avenues and found that we had a truth we couldn't not shy away from. So naturally, bold humor and wit were the best way in."

Mohammad Nazer, Senior Art Director at Adpro Communications, adds, "The campaign originally started as a print initiative but evolved into a film due to the wealth of images we uncovered. We aimed for a simple presentation, telling the story through a straightforward edit coupled with impactful music to highlight the urgency of addressing sleep issues."

Ahmad Jarrar, General Manager of Sleepzone, sees this campaign as just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, stating, "What began as a performance-driven campaign has evolved into a disruptive branding effort that sets Sleepzone apart and establishes a strong stance on the significance of sleep. This marks the start of an exciting journey, as we recognize the social and cultural significance of this concept that we plan to explore further in the coming period."