BETC Paris creates one of the innovative work of the year in the Health & Wellness category
Posted on 2021 Apr,03

By law, French opticians are required to offer free glasses to their customers, with the price of the medical equipment being taken care by the Social Security. Many opticians have taken advantage of this law by advertising "glasses for free" offers that are not really free and where customers have to chip in.

The French Health Department estimates that up to 17% of French people, especially those with lower-income, avoid getting new prescription glasses because of the cost, that amounts to 300€ for regular glasses and 600€ for glasses with progressive lenses.

That's why French optician, Droit de Regard, is campaigning for glasses for all. The brand launched an offer for free glasses without any conditions. And these free glasses benefit from the same design, quality and technology that more expensive models.
When free is not really free

To advertise this incredible offer, Droit de Regard decided to offer a free eye-test to passers-by. No chart needed here. The eye doctor uses the brand's competitor billboards for the examination. Sure, everyone can read the appealing headline. But can they discern, even with an eye test machine, the conditions written in small font?

Participants were in for a ride. First, they found out that national opticians bury their conditions in the smallest size of text. And then they discovered that the advertised price was in fact a lie.

After the eye test, the passers-by were reminded of Droit de Regard's new offer, really devoid of conditions and limitations.




Advertiser: Droit de Regard

Brand Manager: Lionel Cevaer

Ad Agency: BETC Paris

Agency Manager: Manon Mangaud

Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras

Copywriter: Alexandre Girod

Art Director: Julien Vergne Assistant

Art Director: Mathis Payet

Traffic Manager: Nathalie Sanseigne

TV Producer: Jeremy Marsy

Strategic Planners: Philippe Martin Davies, Louis Chahan

Production Company: General Pop

Director: Augustin Lacap Post

Production Company: General Pop