Bouygues Telecom wants you to get some quality time in the bedroom
Posted on 2021 Feb,14

On Valentine’s Day, French telco Bouygues Telecom and ad agency BETC present: the mini-charger

Smartphones have radically changed the way we live our relationships, making our exchanges simpler, freer and richer… But they have also penetrated almost all situations of our social lives, even inviting themselves in the most intimate of all : our bedrooms. Thus limiting the time we spend and the conversations we have with our most significant others.

According to a recent study conducted for Bouygues Telecom: 1 out of 2 couples can’t let go of their phones, even at night. And this figure goes up to 66% among 18-44 year-olds.

This is why Bouygues Telecom is innovating and launching the very first mini-charger. A charger with a ground-breaking design: a cable-length reduced to 3,2 centimeters only. Once your smartphone is plugged to the mini-charger… it becomes virtually impossible to use in bed!

In this campaign, the French comedy duo Laura Felpin and Cédric Salaun takes part in a quirky and hilarious demonstration of how this revolutionary technology has helped rekindle the flame of their relationship. A way to gently entice people to think twice about their own behaviour… and maybe make them want to put their phones aside from time to time… even without the help of a mini-charger.



Advertiser: Bouygues Telecom

Brand Managers: Tanguy Moillard, Tifenn Ouchene Boureau, Anne-Laure Dreano, Ludovic Patsouris, Jeremy Rodney, Faustine Canart

Agency: BETC

Agency Managers: Bertille Toledano, Mathieu Laugier, Sophie Roberts, Adrien Bleton

Strategic Planner: Alexandre Ben Soussan

Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras

Creative Director: Olivier Aumard

Copywriter: Thomas Prechac

Art Directors: Felix Falzon, Albert Yvert

Traffic Manager: Marie-Caroline Pupin

Integrated Producer: Bao Tu-Ngoc Creative

Producer: Sebastien Lintingre

Production Company: Allso

Producer: Franck Annese

Director: Hafid Benamar

Sound Company: Kouz