Burger King Turkey takes a bold step with 'Eat What You See' campaign
Posted on 2024 Jun,18  | By ArabAd's staff

In an era where digital manipulation reigns supreme, Burger King Turkey’s franchise giant, TAB Gıda, is making a daring statement with their new campaign, "Eat What You See."

This innovative initiative aims to prove that their Whoppers are exactly what they appear to be—no filters, no edits, just pure, unadulterated deliciousness-- and what you see is what you get.

Armed with nothing but a trusty Polaroid camera, the team waltzed into a regular Burger King bustling kitchen and snapped a Whopper as it was casually whipped up.

No food stylists, no fancy tricks—just a raw, unfiltered burger photo session right there in the heart of the action. The Whopper-making process was captured in its rawest form, snapping photos of burgers as they were prepared. No food stylists, no gimmicks—just genuine, mouth-watering Whoppers.

These Polaroid photos were then swiftly delivered to billboards, posters and newspapers by a rapid courier service. In an instant, the unedited images were plastered across various media platforms, making a powerful statement about transparency and authenticity. Each Polaroid was meticulously placed on billboards, and other media platforms showcasing the real Whopper in all its glory.

This campaign, featuring hundreds of these authentic snapshots, underscores Burger King’s unwavering commitment to honesty.

By using the nostalgic and unembellished Polaroid format in both print and outdoor advertisements, Burger King is boldly declaring their confidence in their product and supply chain.

“Eat What You See” is more than just an ad campaign; it's a challenge to the status quo. It’s Burger King’s way of serving up a double helping of authenticity, proving that what you see truly is what you get.




Agency: VML Turkey

Global Cco Innovation & Emea Cco: Bas Korsten

Executive Creative Director: Ümi̇t Taşli, Pablo Dachefsky

Creative Director: Onur Kutluer, Tiago Bastos

Associate Creative Director: Marcelo Zylberberg

Head Of Art: Deni̇z Şencan

Creative Group Head: Semi̇h Türkmen

Copywriter: Mehmet Özkan

Art Director: Özer Doğa Er

Creative Motion Designer: Burak Karaoğlu