DHL & Horizon FCB Dubai send a parcel back in time
Posted on 2024 Apr,15

In an industry-first, DHL unveils a captivating campaign that delivers on the seemingly impossible: sending a parcel back in time. Horizon FCB Dubai orchestrated a transcontinental performance to celebrate DHL’s unmatched speed and reliability.

Imagine if you could turn back the hands of time to deliver a birthday present. DHL, in partnership with Horizon FCB Dubai, has turned this fantasy into reality.

In a stunning display of logistics and creativity, the latest stunt from DHL reveals a heartwarming story where a grandfather sends his granddaughter’s birthday gift from Tokyo on January 26th, and thanks to DHL and the International Date Line, it arrives in Los Angeles on January 25th – her actual birthday.

Targeting a broad demographic, the campaign weaves a nostalgic narrative that builds brand love and demonstrates DHL's exceptional delivery capabilities.

"Our aim was to prove that we're not just the fastest in the delivery business, but also the most innovative – delivering your parcels not just on time, but if needed, back in time," says Mohamed Bareche, Executive Creative Director at Horizon FCB Dubai. "Filming on two continents in two days, synchronizing crews, and ensuring the parcel flew on the perfect time slot was a monumental task. The relief and satisfaction at the end, with a mission accomplished, were immense."

Colin Smith, Creative Director at Horizon FCB Dubai, adds, "Choosing a birthday narrative showcased DHL’s reliability and speed. It underscores how DHL can positively impact daily life with their service."

Reham Mufleh, Managing Director at Horizon FCB Dubai stated, "The idea of transcending time to deliver emotions is a powerful demonstration of DHL’s commitment. It shows that some ideas, like some moments, are ‘Never Finished’."

This brand-centric campaign leaves a powerful message: "Delivered yesterday." With DHL's expansive network, the impossible becomes possible, cementing the brand as a leader in innovation and customer service.


Credits :

Client : DHL Express MENA

Marketing Director : Najwa Raslan

Agency : Horizon FCB Dubai

Global CCO : Danilo Boer

Global CCO : Andrés Ordóñez

CEO : Mazen Jawad

Managing Director : Reham Mufleh

Executive Creative Director : Mohamed Bareche

Account Director : Farouk Haber

Creative Director : Colin Smith

Associate Creative Director : Thomas Nicolae

Associate Creative Director : Antonio Cué

Senior Art Director & Motion Designer : Ahmed Montaser

Post-production : Mariam Adel Awad & Antoine Nassif

Production House : Saturated Productions San Francisco

Director & Editor : Romain Thomassin

Color grading : VIVID Post House

MD : Ahmed Morsi

Colorist : Essam Abdelsalam

Music editing and SFX : Vox Haus

Head of projects : Matheus Gugelmim

Music producer : Daniel Dalla Corte & Ícaro Guedes

SFX : Cássio Machado