Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia’s latest IKEA campaign warns,“Don’t let furniture wear you out”
Posted on 2021 Oct,05

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Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia’s latest campaign for IKEA is beautifully kitsch and stunningly crafted to promote IKEA’s biggest annual sale in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The campaign features classic Saudi homes filled with floral prints, framed tapestries, chipped vases and worn-out furniture. There’s a garish floral living room, an outgrown bedroom, a dining room for daily boring dinners, and in each setting, the inhabitants have literally become part of the furniture.

The campaign is a playful reminder that when you own things for too long, you can begin to feel as dreary and worn out as the objects around you. The solution? IKEA’s biggest annual sale in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, with discounts of up to 70%.

The campaign is supported with online videos, now screening on Instagram, all designed to remind people that there’s no better time to redecorate with discounts of up to 70% at IKEA. Even the music in the short films is frozen in time, inspired by cliché 80s elevator music.

Mohammed Bahmishan, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia says: “Our on-going quest with IKEA is to land on the right insight that connects with people, coupled with a fresh perspective for the execution.”










Client: IKEA Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Agency: Leo Burnett Saudi Arabia

Chief Creative Officer: Mohammed Bahmishan

Creative Director: Mohammed Sehly

Managing Director: Samir Antoun

Photographer: Ahmed Othman

Production: Nojara Productions and Prodigious Middle East