Nana Launches Its #Wombstories Campaign In The UAE To Normalize Conversations About Women’s Intimate Health
Posted on 2020 Nov,24

Today, Nana, one of the region's leading feminine hygiene brands, has launched its ground-breaking and globally renowned #WombStories campaign in the UAE.

As Nana reveals a third of women surveyed in the UAE experience pain during their periods but never talk about it. The #WombStories campaign will tackle issues that society feels uncomfortable with by uncovering women’s experiences with an inspiring video, which shows the physical and emotional journey women go through every day, from puberty to menopause.

Of the women suffering with fertility issues in the UAE, one in five reported feeling unable to talk about it and afraid of judgement from others. The emotive #Wombstories film aims to show what lies below the surface within a woman and uncover the journeys every woman goes on without speaking about it - the beautiful biology, physiology and emotions that affect women every day.

#Wombstories encourages women to step out from the shadows and tell the amazing, human stories of the unseen, unspoken power of women’s bodies. Society has been known to prevent women for sharing their experiences, and as such, taboos continue to exist and grow. Nana believes these hidden and unspoken experiences have consequences on women’s confidence and wellbeing; resulting in shame, embarrassment, isolation, and in many cases undiagnosed pains. 

Michele Karaa, Nana Marketing Manager MEA, said, “Intimate female experiences have been made a taboo topic simply because women feel they will be judged and shamed if they talk about them. With our #WombStories campaign we are giving women a platform to express themselves. To normalize and celebrate women’s bodily functions and physiology we need to make them heard. We hope that our #Wombstories campaign will encourage women in the UAE to speak openly and comfortably about their intimate experiences, so they’re never hidden, forgotten, overlooked or belittled again.”

Through such a brave film developped by BBDO London, Nana shows its committment to helping women be their best selves with feminine hygiene products.